What is a Heart Advocate

We all have personal + professional desires and our relationship with others and ourselves impacts the moves we make. Often times, we ignore the desires of our hearts for fear of disappointing others, a lack of self-worth, or doubting our abilities. As The Heart Advocate™ I am dedicated to helping every woman + femme (transgender women, non-binary, non-gender femme/queer) defy fear, self-doubt, insecurity, shame/blame, and guilt by advocating for their heart + souls desire.

There are 3 things that make you a Heart Advocate:

  1. Never settling for less than you desire personally or professionally
  2. Manifesting + Maintaining only loving and respectful relationships in your life
  3. Doing what you desire even if that means disappointing others (adapted from the Path of Self-love

Our Heart Advocate™ programs + self-love therapy, groups, and workshops provide an array of resources on self-love, mental health, and healing. We want to help you listen to your heart and do exactly what you desire every day.


No Bullshit Self-love program + workshop – seeks to help women + femme to never settle for less than they desire, address their own bullshit, and to know their worth by focusing on the 10 branches of self-love (provided by the Path of Self-love). The Heart Advocate will guide you in becoming your own Heart Advocate and make the active choice to commit to what your heart and soul desires.

Perfectly Imperfect program + workshop – dedicated to helping women + femme embrace your body, your past choices, your emotions + mental health. The only way to defy perfection is to accept ALL YOU ARE, by focusing on self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-honesty (Path of Self-love).

BARE Necessities – is a photo workshop series that helps women + femme celebrate their natural beauty + body to help defy beauty standards and promote body acceptance.

Guides + Heart Tools – various guides, templates, and journal entries to help you begin to apply self-love into your lifestyle and accept yourself as you journey closer to falling in love with yourself as you are. 

Photo Credit: Marien Jose [Pittsburgh, PA]

Mental health + Healing Over Everything™

Love Pause: Self-love Therapy – for women + femme who just need to pause. No requirements or restrictions. If you need someone to hold space for you to help you release stress, toxicity, insecurity, restlessness, fear, worry, and self-doubt, Love Pause is for your mental health + healing.

Healing Over Everything™ (H.O.E) – a virtual support group that provides support and girl-talk on daself-lpveting, relationships, motherhood, marriage, and single-life self-care, the body-positive movement, and the 10 branches of self-love (to learn more, scroll down).

#nomakeupmondays Challenge – Every Monday on Instagram + Facebook, I ask women to go without wearing any form of makeup and take a selfie that they share on social media. This challenge was created to support women during their self-love journey by focusing on self-acceptance, self-care, and self-empowerment.