The H.O.E. Truth Facebook Group

The H.O.E. Truth is a virtual support group that hosts weekly girl-talk on different topics related to Self-love, Women Empowerment and Healing Over Everything™. We help women make self-love a priority, focus on healing and to be advocates for their hearts. I believe that if you don’t truly love yourself, flaws and all, you will constantly attract unhealthy relationships. 

We are defying perfectionism, self-hate, and the word HOE every single day. 

This group is for WOMEN ONLY: college girls, single-moms, LGBT+ women, heterosexual women, cis-gender women, married women, transgender women, and all single ladies who want to heal and help others heal from toxic relationships, trauma, abuse, loneliness, divorce and our every day life experiences as women living in a male dominated society. 

You May Be Wondering 


How did I allow myself to get here? How did I allow myself to end up in such toxic relationships. Why haven’t I healed yet? Is there something wrong with me?

If you are a single mom, back on the dating scene, scared to start over, you’re married but are still healing from the pain of the past, in a relationship and struggling to not see them as the relationships of your past, I am here to say, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you would like to join, visit @ladyhoodjourney on Facebook and click groups.