Words to Live by

…words we all should learn to live by:

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President Trump’s Budget

I know very little about politics, but I know the difference between right and wrong… what I read about Donald Trumps proposed budget (I am sorry, I just can’t call him President) is wrong and will greatly hurt the poor and middle classes.

I want to thank Mike Doyle, Representative of the 14th District of Pennsylvania, (my hometown), Member of Congress, for his diligence and support of those who need it most. “I can assure you that I will do everything I can in Congress to fight for policies – and budgets – that help the vast majority of people in Pittsburgh – NOT just those at the top!” (Mike Doyle, Member of Congress)

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I Am Thankful For the Tag


This is my first tag, and I would like to thank Sheetal Bhardwaj who has been an active supporter of my blog and an uplifting writer and fellow blogger. I am truly inspired by her voice, words, tone, and willingness to share her insight, praise, and admiration with others. Please take the time to visit her blog The Glitters of Life and be inspired as well.

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