My celibacy is on purpose. You see, it is most certainly not an accident. Too many years of faking #newyearnewme led me to bed after bed of bullshit and lies. "My lies." Lies I told myself saying “I can handle it" as he licks his lips and leans in, “I’m not really looking for … Continue reading Non-Celibacy

Battling Self-Doubt, Negative Thoughts & Impostor Syndrome

I reblogged this post because it is full of empowerment, light, self-love and seeks to help women grow stronger by appreciating the good as individuals. It is not always easy to stay positive. Self-doubt can take root on your hopes and overpower everything beneficial you want to accomplish, but just like the author, Jessica Corbin … Continue reading Battling Self-Doubt, Negative Thoughts & Impostor Syndrome

Be Different Babe

Be brave. Be bold. Be uniquely you. Be an innovator. Be the original, not the copy. Be #proud Be the example. Be #badass Be your truth. Be fearless. Be a boss. Be what they think you can’t be. Be a voice, not an echo. Be the expectation. Be different, babe. Be you.