50 Self-Care & Body Love Tips for Beginners

As a part of Self-care September, I have been actively incorporating self-care activities into my daily routine. It is not always easy to make the time for myself with my busy schedule. Trying to balance mommyhood, work, and building my blog and biz, all keep me very busy. In order for me to give my best to my daughter and my followers, I have to show myself the best form of care.

Making time for myself seems impossible, often times, but by slowly incorporating small self-care activities into my daily routine, I have found ways to help myself relax and focus on body love. I am finding that when I make the time for self-care, even if it is only for 15 minutes within a day, I feel better because I did something for just me.

A Bit About Self-Care September

Self-Care Awareness Month, was founded by Evolve to Live, “transition through self-care,” in order to shine a light on the importance and the emotional, social and economic benefits when self-care becomes a priority for individuals. Throughout the month of September, you can participate in multiple #SelfcareSeptember Challenges that are all designed to help you to incorporate body-love, being body positive, and prioritizing self-love.

Self-Care September Challenges

There are so many amazing bloggers that are tackling self-care in September in order to help their followers and readers to find the balance between everyday responsibilities and having adequate “me time.” Here are a few of my favorite challenges and resources that are taking place now; it is never too late to start your self-care journey:

Takeia Cage, founder of Unashamed Queens is hosting a course, “The Journey of Self-care and Love,” a three week workshop that helps you answer the following questions:


“Are you ready to commit to finding the best ways to replenish yourself?

Are you ready to commit to being gentle with yourself?

Are you ready to commit to loving yourself without conditions?
if so, this is the workshop you don’t want to miss.” –Takeia Cage

To participate and create learn to create a “self-care vision board,” you can email Takeia unashamedqueeens@gmail.com.

Cori Spieker, The Reset Girl, started sharing her love of planners and arts & crafts and now hosts workshops, events, and offers crafty planner products, beautiful decorating kits and washi rings on her online store to incorporate creativity and self-care.

IG Self Care Challenge 8_2017.jpg

The Reset Girl’s monthly Self-Care Photo Challenge provides you with a list of daily photo prompts that you can share on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #TRGSelfCareChallenge

There is no right or wrong way to participate in this challenge.

To make self-care a priority, and to participate in this photo challenge, email Cori HERE.

Jenny, the creator of Women With Intention seeks to help women simplify and achieve their goals in every part of their life.


Each month, Jenny provides a monthly self-care calendar to help women prioritize taking care of themselves a little every day.  This is a FREE resource and printout that is available on her website HERE.

Self-care and Body love Tips for beginners

I can honestly say that I did not start to incorporate self-care into my daily routine on a consistent basis until November 2016. I am a firm believer that in order for anything to become habitual, you have to start slow and take minor steps to reach your massive goals.

For those of you who are looking to enhance your self-love journey by incorporating self-care and body love activities into your daily routine, but do not know where or how to begin, I was there and I am here for you. Here are 50 self-care and body love tips that can guide your new journey: 

1. Take a Detox Bath 

Detox Bath for one

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, Lavender Oil

How To: Begin to fill tub with water that is as hot as you can stand it. While tub is filling up, add 1 cup of Espom Salt, 2 cups of Baking Soda, and 10 drops of Lavender Oil (you can substitute the Lavender Oil with Espom Salt with Lavender in it). Mix the ingredients in the bath water. Soak for at least 1 hour.

2. Light Aromatherapy Candles

3. Learn Something New (something related to body love and self-care)

  • a song
  • a dance
  • how to make a new dish/meal
  • a positive affirmation or quote
  • a new yoga pose or circuit workout, etc.

4.Write in a journal – it doesn’t have to be some fancy journal; just grab a notebook and start writing


5. Take a walk outside and enjoy nature

6. Create a Self-care Vision Board as provided by Jesalyn Eatchel, LCSW

7. Focus on one thing for 5 minutes (don’t forget to blink)

8. Color in an Adult Coloring Book

If you are a mom like me, coloring books are all over my house and is an activity my daughter and I do together all the time, but this tip is for you, so get an adult coloring book for you to use only, and some colored pencils, markers, or crayons and let the image take you away.

9. Stretch Your Body for 10-15 minutes

10. Listen to Calming Music

Here are three of my favorite songs to listen to when I want to be empowered and one to help me relax:

Sabrina Claudio – Confidently Lost

Jhene Aiko – Spotless Mind

Daniel Caesar feat. H.E.R. – Best Part

Johnnie Lawson – Relaxing Nature Sounds “The calming sounds of nature help insomnia suffers as a sleep aid, they help concentration for study and relaxing.”

11. Elevate your Legs 6-12 inches above the heart (lay flat on the floor with your legs up and against the wall, sit in a chair with your legs elevated, prop your legs up on a pillow in bed)

According to the Vein Institute, elevating your legs, 

“…you’ll notice, feels good immediately. It takes the pressure off your leg veins first and foremost, encouraging the blood to flow out of your leg veins emptying them, and undoes the pressure of the day by giving your veins a break for a few hours as blood flow moves away from the legs and courses through the rest of your body.”

12. Read or Listen to Audio Books

13. Mediate for 15-30 minutes

14. While looking in a mirror, say 5 things you love about your yourself (I talk about ways to have a healthy mind in my article A Healthy Mind: the story of a thick girl)

15. Sing a song (loud and proud)

16. Turn your phone off for 30 minutes a day

17. Take a drive to a new destination (it does not have to be long distance; just drive somewhere you have never been)

18. Make music (you do not have to be a musician to make music – use boxes, pot & pans, spoons, your body, etc.)

19. Paint on something other than paper

20. Take a nap for 1 hour

21. Drink more water

Cucumber in Spring Water

(add fruits and veggies for taste and other health benefits; my fav is cucumber water)

22. Ride a bike

23. Go to the park and play like a child (swing on the swings, slide down the slide, play on the monkey bars, etc.)

24. Climb a Tree

25.Write a poem

26. Visit a body of water and watch the movement of the waves and the current

27. Fly a kite

28. Play with a pet

29. Go to the Farmers Market and buy some fresh produce

30. Read poetry

31. Put on some music and dance

32. Donate the things you don’t need or use to a charity or Goodwill

33. Watch the stars

34. Sit in nature and just listen

35. Call your friend(s)

36. Buy or go pick yourself some flowers

37. Drink Matcha

Please check out an article by Precious Frazier, Professional Blogger and Certified Wellness Expert, Why Matcha Has Become A Key Part of my Morning Self-Care Routine


38. Forgive someone (this is a tough one, but make the call, reach out to them on social media, do whatever you must to make the verbal affirmation that you have forgiven them)

39. Write a love letter to yourself

40. Do Yoga

41. Watch the sunrise

42. Go to an Art Exhibit

43. Read or watch a comedy (at times laughter is the best medicine)

44. Volunteer your time

45. Watch the sunset

46. Start a Gratitude Journal (you can check out my 7-day Gratitude Journal by reading the following, My Gratitude Journal: Day 1, My Gratitude Journal: Day 2, My Gratitude Journal: Day 3, My Gratitude Journal: Day 4, My Gratitude Journal: Day 5, My Gratitude Journal: Day 6, My Gratitude Journal: Day 7)

47. Do deep breathing exercises (to view my favorite deep breathing exercise, read my article The 4-7-8 (Relaxing) Deep Breathing Exercise)

48. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure

49. Get a massage

50. Write down positive affirmations on post-it notes, and put them in the places (work, home, your car) to remind yourself of how awesome you are!

I hope these self-care and body love tips assist you as you begin your self-love journey. Self-love is more than vanity and selfishness; it is enhancing self-care, self-esteem, and showing your body some love, a little bit more every day.



5 Reasons Women Lose Themselves in Relationships 

In most of my past relationships, I have been the one building and sustaining the love, trust, and intimacy. I would give my time, energy, money, and my heart in my relationships because I value making my-love, feel loved and appreciated.

In most cases, this behavior is not viewed negatively. There is nothing wrong with being attentive and caring in your relationship, but not without self-love, which I was lacking.

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To Women

Women are so strong in the midst of our own weakness….

I reblogged this post because of the truth within it. Anytime I reblog a post, I normally have a long message that I deliver with it, but this post speaks for itself.



Some Bad Plankton

I’ve spent longer watching myself smile in the mirror than I’ve spent laughing with friends.

Has your mother accused you of scratching yourself because of the stretch marks on your breasts?

To the women who wipe it away with alcohol. I understand. I’m here if you need me.

Don’t qualify your statements when you speak. You’ve a right to be heard. Have something worth saying. I want to hear it.

To the women I’ve let down. I’m sorry. Tell me please, so I can get better.

Who fall in love with the cashier at Dunkin’ Donuts because he has a sexy voice and he kept my extra penny.

I’ve never seen a healthy relationship. What would I expect from my own?

Who have tried to turn over one-sided mattresses by themselves.

Who have hair on their bellies longer than the hair on their legs.

Who have used the same pair…

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Day 19: 21-Day-Detox

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What can you do when people make you feel ugly?

We live in a very judgmental and critical world. A world that wants each of us to fit into a certain “standard of beauty.” If your body is not a certain shape, if your hair and nails are not perfect, if you contour is not just right, we skip over your pic on FB or IG as if you are not just as beautiful as the rest of the world.

It is difficult to feel beautiful in this world, and even those who we would consider to be the most beautiful, still have insecurities.

We all doubt ourselves. At times, we even try to be someone else, but what this world really needs is an overdose of self-love. Bullies need self-love and the victim of bullying needs self -love.

Learning to love yourself, your body, your face, your personality, is a journey and should be based on you, and no one else.

It is difficult not to care what others think, but when you begin to love yourself, that is when you feel your most beautiful.

I reblogged this post because the speaker provides ways to cope with feeling ugly because of others and their impact on our self-esteem, confidence, and having healthy body-image.

I hope this blog helps someone who is struggling with feeling like they are not enough.

You are enough. You are beautiful!


Freshly Brewed Content


Nope I’m sorry it’s not about the movie “Trolls” (how can such happy little colorful trolls who sing and hug do any kind of damage right?) Instead I’m talking about the 21st century nick-name for people who hate on others for no obvious reason.

I still cannot get over the fact that we live in a world where “trolling” is apparently of the norm and we just have to “suck it up” or rant about them on some online platform. I don’t mind taking the high road most of the times but an important thing to keep in mind here is to set a realistic limit to all this trolling. There’s only so much criticism you can take from someone other than you right? Now when I use the word “Trolling” dear friends kindly do not think that having the title of a “friend”, “boyfriend” or “family member” would give…

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Addiction: A poem

Sometimes, as women, we allow men to take advantage of the nurturer within us. It is not difficult for a woman to show compassion, love, and willingness to a man, but we do this at the expense of losing who we are.

As Steve Harvey stated in response to a Strawberry Letter on the Steve Harvey Morning Show, “if women took the time to be as nurturing to themselves as they do men, they would be in control of what they allow in their relationships…”(paraphrased)

We have to do better with taking care of ourselves, and we have to discover our worth so that we can show out worth to those around us. Only then, do we see from others, how worthy we are.



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My Emerald Life

People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar-Thich Nhat Hanh

I am grateful to be free from my suffering. I thought it was love…

I let you in

Your poison

Seeps into my skin

My heart carries

Your lies

My body

Accepts your deceit

Hurt controls me

Loving you

Scars me but

It feels necessary

My mind is gone

In my dependence

I am owned

But I am convinced

Without you

Nothing else can exist

Even if there is a cure

A way to cut the ties

Break the chains

And live free

Who will I be

If you don’t love me?

I’d rather suffer through

The deceit, the hurt

Than to build me up

And discover my worth

It is easier

To live in submission

Than to admit

My addiction

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If you tell me I am not smart enough, I’ll pass every test!
If you say that I am not pretty enough, I will take selfie after selfie!
If you tell me I’ll fail, on my worst day, I will succeed!
If you break my heart, I will not give up on love.
If you try to stop me, I will keep going.
If you hate me, I will love me!
If you don’t support me, I will not fall.
If you won’t hear me, I will make you listen!
If you think I will not make it, I will make sure I live out my dreams!
If you say that I am weak, I will only become stronger.
If you give up on me, I will never stop trying!
If you tell me that I am not good enough, I’ll show you who’s bad!
If you leave me, I’ll make you wish you would have stayed.
If you say I am not worth it, I will show you my value.
If you turn your back on me, I will only move forward!
If you dismiss me, I will persevere.
If you doubt me, I’ll prove you wrong!
If you tell me I can’t, I will…


Celebrate and be proud of everything you are. 

via Daily Prompt: Promises



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