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Dear College Me

The most valuable lessons I learned about life were not in the classroom.

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My Blogger Life

Four Twitter Chats & One Purpose

Join me every Wednesday on Twitter for 1/4 of the LADYHOOD journey Twitter Chats at 8:00PM/EST

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motherhood, poetry

Suffering Mothers

My heart aches for every struggling mother… I ache for the mom who had to put aside her dreams for her children. For the single-mom who is sick of her daughter, watching her cry; as she goes to work, pays bills, changes dirty diapers, wipes runny noses, and cooks meals, all with no help!

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Girl Talk

To Women

Originally posted on Some Bad Plankton:
I’ve spent longer watching myself smile in the mirror than I’ve spent laughing with friends. Has your mother accused you of scratching yourself because of the stretch marks on your breasts? To the women who wipe it away with alcohol. I understand. I’m here if you need me. Don’t…

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Health and Wellness

Day 9: 21-Day-Detox

Tuesday, July 4, 2017  After being up all night into the morning, stressing, arguing, and feeling lower than I have in a long time, the last thing I want to do is go to a barbecue or workout. I cancelled my workout and plan to make up the day to meet my required 15 workouts […]

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