5 Pressurizing Standards of Beauty

Popular culture has placed a lot of pressure on how to look, feel, and act a certain way. Not conforming to the standard of beauty, can be one of the most difficult tasks for women. 

Self-doubt seem to be inevitable when all we see is airbrushed and filtered women on every billboard, magazine cover, music video, and every social media profile picture. 

We verbally and internally body shame ourselves which blemishes and scars self-love.

The pressure is in abundance, and we practically kill ourselves with plastic surgery, implants, tanning, and skin bleaching just to fit into that standard. We think that if we look a certain way we will feel a certain way. These horrible habits that we have adopted to try to fit-in, do not cure low self-esteem. 

Self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love start within. You have to love yourself, flaws and all. There is not enough plastic surgery and Botox in the world to give you high self-esteem.

I reblogged this post because women need to understand that they are beautiful regardless of shaving, contour, bumps and blemishes, stretch marks, muffin tops, or having perfect nails and hair.
We are all beautiful and when self-love is a priority, confidence becomes your standard of beauty.



As a person who writes about beauty products on a regular basis, I feel that it is my responsibility to speak about the darker aspects of this world as well. Beauty standards all around the globe are becoming more and more unforgiving by the minute, making it painfully hard for women to feel confident in their own skin. Of course, in an ideal world, everyone should be brave enough to embrace their “flaws” but constant scrutiny at a microscopic level can make the strongest succumb to the pressure. Here are 5 beauty standards that I would banish from the face of the planet if I had supernatural powers (until then, this blog will have to suffice).

1. Greasy roots – So many women feel obliged to wash their hair more often than they want, just to avoid showing up at work with those darned greasy roots. This makes for an…

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we are all Beautiful…we are all Ugly

I have heard men call Beyoncé ugly…Kim K., Halle Berry… Even when they are in full contour, there is some man that thinks they are not all that.

Ugliness is subjective.
Being Beautiful is subjective.

So what’s the standard, right?

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Uniqueness is Beauty

Everyday we struggle with our identity; constantly trying to define ourselves, until we are truly comfortable with who we are.

But, does that ever really happen?

Are we ever truly happy with who we are?

I know that there have been times in my life when I was not happy with how I looked. In this judgmental society, that feeling can last for a long time.

We are surrounded with images of what “beauty” is and this can cause self-doubt, low self-esteem, poor values, and depression.

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LADYHOOD journey advocates for women, challenges them to be more than what popular culture defines them to be, and uplifts all women to be the best version of themselves!



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Jacob Schatte

Welcome everyone!

Today I want to jump right in and talk about this new blog I came across. The author goes by the name of Pinkspen and the name of the blog is LADYHOOD. LADYHOOD advocates self-love, peace and equality for all women. The reason I love this blog so much is because if anyone knows me, I am one for all of us to unify and help one another instead of berate and bully each other. As Pinkspen introduces herself and gives the run down of what her intentions with her writing are, she also establishes that she wants to first and foremost be a mentor to women who would seek her advice.

“Talking to a stranger, someone who does not know you (a mentor), can reveal those inadequacies that those closest to you, cannot. I want to be that mentor for you!” Pinkspen said in her blog.


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Facebook Etiquette: #noPoke

If you are sitting on a bus, standing in a line, or even eating on your lunch break, and someone pokes your shoulder, it almost pisses you off… right?

So, then, why is it okay to Poke someone on Facebook?

Don’t Poke Me!

“I don’t poke, and I don’t like being poked. It’s cyber weird.” -D.U.


The Poke option is so strange…

Just send me a message on Messenger, or write something on my Wall!


It is a continuous process too…

You Poke me, I Poke you? So what happens next? When does it end?

It’s really cyber weird to Poke someone back…!


There are people that have been poking me on Facebook since 2009…

I am not gonna Poke you back!

I know that all you are trying to do is reach out to me, right?

At least I hope that is what you are doing… Or, is it something more than that?

I don’t want to say it, but that is where my mind goes!


I am sure this is not what the Poke button is for, but it seems to be the reason for its usage.

Maybe I have a bias, but to me, saying the word Poke, makes my skin crawl… especially if some creepy guy or your ex-boyfriend Pokes you….


(I wish you could see my face right now as I type this)

This Poke button is like cyber sexual harassment!

I feel inappropriately touched!


Team #noPoke



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Thin vs. Fat BIAS

I am in the process of receiving my Strengths-Based Family Workers (SFW) Credential and was asked to, “Identify a bias you have,” for an assignment.

Racial biases are embedded in most of us since childhood. I aware of this racial bias, and it is easy to think more positively of your own racial group, than for another. Outside of race, it was difficult for me to think of any biases I had…

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3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

I love words because they allow me to express myself, when often times, I find myself to be speechless, as a speaker. As a writer, I can describe every ounce of me and that is why I love quotes. Quotations provide a short, detailed, descriptive, and insightful look into the mind of a speaker.

I was not necessarily nominated for this challenge, but I was inspired to participate! I visited a page of Jess Wade, who inspired me through her writing and as a mature blogger. I am new to this community of writers, poets, artists, photographers, etc. but, I have been writing since my first pencil hit a blank page.

I appreciate Jess for checking out my site, reading some of my posts, and encouraging me to participate in this challenge. Please check out her page…she is an inspiration! 

This first quote is something that I aim to live by everyday.

As women in this mans world, this can cause many inferior feelings about our worth. 

We are taught in the media, and even in our homes, that we are not as important as men, which causes, low self-esteem; a lack of self-love, self-respect, value, and overall inequality for us in society.

I hope this quote inspires someone to see themselves as more than what popular culture and social media tells them they should be! 

Please visit my posts: 

Beauty Is..


The Quote


The Nominees

The individuals that I am nominating are all blogs that have inspired me in some way! Not sure, if they will participate, but I would love to see what they come up with because they are so creative, talented, and intellectual!

Natalie Schriefer – But Why?


Giulia – the high-heeled Papergirl

The Rules

  1. 3 quotes over 3 days
  2. Thank the person who nominated you
  3. 3 nominees each day to complete the challenge
  4. Inform the nominees of their nomination




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Facebook Etiquette: #realtalk

 So, if I don’t see it on Facebook, I miss it?

You are really not going to call me…?

I’m just suppose to read every word on every Post

Did I Like it? I might have…


But, what does that mean…?

I guess I don’t have a life…

I would have called you… to let you know!

We are not talking about a house party or something simple….

…these are serious Life Events that I am missing because no one talks anymore!

If I don’t see it on my News-Feed, I miss it?

If it is not on my Timeline, it didn’t happen!

If it is not on your Timeline, I don’t know about it!

Is posting a Status on Facebook the only way of communicating?

I would have called you…

 I can’t even get a text about it?

So, if my data is low, I don’t know what is going on in my “Friends” and family’s lives…???

That pisses me off!!!!!!!


And yes, I am guilty of it too, but I hate this…

…I hate this Facebook culture!

We have become so caught up in this photographed short storybook, that “we don’t even talk anymore, like we use to…” (Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez)

Don’t get me wrong…I think that it is great to catch up with old classmates from high school, connect with family that our long distance, and network with individuals with similar interests.

But, the problem is my family, people that I call friend…not associates…do not update me on their lives! I mean, I have your phone number, and you have mine! Call me when something big happens in your life!

We assume that if it is on Facebook, everyone we know, sees what Events are coming up…

who got married…


who passed away… #RWG

who had kids… #Congratulations

If you deactivate your account for a month, guaranteed, you would not know what was going on in your “friends” lives.

And what, you’ve got like 500+ “friends” right…?

To me, that is ridiculous!!!!


Excuse me world, there are other forms of communication!

Facebook Rule #1: Don’t assume that just because everyone has a Facebook page, that they know what is going on in your life. Call your friends! Call your family, at least!



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