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Dear You

Dear You, The manipulation you possess…. Oh you must be proud. You must look in the mirror and feel so empowered by the way you crush others. Deceit thy middle name. Oh, you know what you do. Skilled indeed, as you consistently deceive with no regard. On a pedestal you sat, moving us like chess […]

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You Bullied Me

Originally posted on The Weird Poet:
YOU THOUGHT YOU BROKE ME. YOU THOUGHT MY HEART WOULD NOT HEAL. AND I FORGIVE YOU. ? — Title: You Bullied Me (A Haiku) words by: Ta’lor Pinkston Submitted to: The Weird Poet Join the campaign against all forms of bullying! Send a poem to inspire! #NoToBullying #SpreadAwareness Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/twpjournals…

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 Equality means Equality! Equality means love. Equality does not me agreeing… Equality means acceptance of difference. Equality means speaking out against injustices for those outside of your cohort!

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A Beautiful Mold

We all have imperfections, but you have to find the beauty in your flaws because they are what make you uniquely beautiful!

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a long drive ahead…windows down warmth, dust and smog in the wind… pounding pavement… wheels spin. Red, white, and blue in the distance…

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