Beginning Monday, May 8-June 24, I will be hosting the challenge, No Makeup Mondays.  

Challenge Purpose:

Frequent use of makeup can become an addiction. You begin to hate the way you look without wearing it. The LADYHOOD journey brand wants women of every shade, race, sexual orientation, age, religion, socio-economic class, and culture to feel that they are naturally beautiful… 

This challenge will uplift, strengthen, and give confidence to women and girls through active self-love, by taking away one-day of wearing makeup. This can help women love what popular culture defines as a flaw.

LADYHOOD journey wants all women to feel beautiful while not wearing makeup.

To Join:

You can go to my FACEBOOK page @Ladyhoodjourney, @ladypinkspen on TWITTER, @pinkspen on INSTAGRAM and post a selfie wearing no makeup every Monday for the next 12 weeks, with the hashtag #NoMakeupMondays 

Love Yourself! You are beautiful with or without makeup! Let your natural beauty shine!

-Pinkspen 💋


Why I prefer to take the stairs

Healthy wellness is a journey…. it is not a sprint, it is a marathon. In the past, I have jumped into full work out plans and diets; I was unsuccessful. 

For some, jumping into a workout may be beneficial, but for me it never helped me change my lifestyle. Eventually, I gave up, binged, and had to start all over again in my weight loss journey.

Making small steps towards your weight loss journey can help you focus on the little things and eventually, the little things become habitual.

I re-blogged this post because little things like taking the stairs are small steps toward a Happy and Healthy life.

  • Love your body as it is now.
  • Make small changes in your unhealthy habits. 
  • Have a Happy and Healthy journey to wellness by changing the way you think about weight loss. 


The Lean, Mean, Sexy Machine

As a normal woman with a full-time deskbound job, office hours are very sedentary. Sitting for hours compresses our spines, leading to backaches and shoulder stiffness. In order to avoid this, it’s good to get up and stretch. I also like adding a little movement by taking the stairs instead of the elevator whenever I need to go upstairs.

Besides giving us the opportunity to lengthen our spines, climbing stairs is widely touted as a good cardiovascular activity. Google the benefits and you’ll find pages and pages of articles! Since the office elevators move like turtles anyway, I can get where I want more quickly by taking the stairs.

Stair climbing and power walking were the first exercises I started with during this health journey. Today, I still do both to satisfy my need to move and stay active. I encourage friends and relatives to do them since they don’t…

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20 Quotes of Desire

We all have desires; things we want to accomplish, our goals and dreams. In some cases, we desire someone; a person to fill the void, complete us, and to spend the rest of our lives with.

Success in all areas of life is our desire! Here are so inspiring, uplifting, and motivational quotes on desire, that I hope will empower you!

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Blogger Recognition Award II

I can’t believe someone else nominated me for a Blogger Recognition Award! This Darling Adventure, I just want to thank you, so much, for believing in the focus of my writing! Please check out this blog, which is “dedicated to discovering and sharing the beauty found in travel, creativity, and stories” (This Darling Adventure).

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