Why I prefer to take the stairs

Healthy wellness is a journey.... it is not a sprint, it is a marathon. In the past, I have jumped into full work out plans and diets; I was unsuccessful.  For some, jumping into a workout may be beneficial, but for me it never helped me change my lifestyle. Eventually, I gave up, binged, and … Continue reading Why I prefer to take the stairs

You are Perfectly Imperfect 

Why do you doubt yourself? Do you not possess the tools to be perfectly you? From head to toe, each part of you perfectly designed to be an impact in this world. You are all you need to be to become all that you desire. It is embedded in your DNA. Despite what they say; … Continue reading You are Perfectly Imperfect 

A Love Letter

To my beloved, When I first saw your eyes, I melted like wax. I knew I wanted you as my own. I felt a strange desire to claim you. I needed you to see me, to catch my eye... Even in feeling invisible, confidence took over, and I asked your name. The most gorgeous name … Continue reading A Love Letter

10 Things Men Should Never Say To Women

Calm Down! (Don't tell me what to do...if I am not calm, its probably your fault.)  You are too emotional. (Well at least I will live longer, because I know how to let my emotions go, instead of holding on to them!)   You don't have to raise your voice! (Listen... if you think that this is … Continue reading 10 Things Men Should Never Say To Women