Words to Live by

…words we all should learn to live by:

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I Am Thankful For the Tag


This is my first tag, and I would like to thank Sheetal Bhardwaj who has been an active supporter of my blog and an uplifting writer and fellow blogger. I am truly inspired by her voice, words, tone, and willingness to share her insight, praise, and admiration with others. Please take the time to visit her blog The Glitters of Life and be inspired as well.

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Sunshine Blogger Award

I am overwhelmed with the idea that someone thinks I deserve to receive this award. This is the 2nd award that I have received in my blogging career, and I feel so honored! I cannot believe “a girl named Kirtihas nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Please check out her blog. She is such a strong writer; she’s real, open-minded, creative, and of course inspiring. Thank you so much Kirti for considering me for this award.

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​My Lost Sister: (Part 2)

My big sister was so quiet.
I always felt like I was so loud compared to her.
I would talk and talk, but she would listen. She didn’t say much, but she always listened.

She was a rider.

If anyone said anything to me or tried to hurt me, she would always stick up for me.
I remember being bullied in school.
She threatened to hurt this guy if he ever said anything else to me.

And he never did.

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