Unhealthy Relationships

5 Reasons Women Lose Themselves in Relationships 

In most of my past relationships, I have been the one building and sustaining the love, trust, and intimacy. I would give my time, energy, money, and my heart in my relationships because I value making my-love, feel loved and appreciated. In most cases, this behavior is not viewed negatively. There is nothing wrong with […]

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How to Maintain a Happy Long Distance Relationship

Originally posted on COLLEGE MATE:
Relationships are tough; adding distance to the mix doesn’t make them any easier. It’s hard enough to trust the partner you live with. Imagine trusting the one who lives a world away. Because of this, some may say that long distance relationships don’t work. But the truth is, all relationships…

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Real Love

You wake me up with a kiss when I miss my alarm. You run me a bath when I am feeling drained after work. You give the best hugs. You are there for me when I am right or wrong.

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Quotes for Life

Q. “Why do you think so many women who want to be married aren’t?” -Belinda Luscombe A. “Women’s standards and requirements have lowered. And as men, we know that. We have taken advantage of it. We’ve created terms that we feed to women that allow us to exist as we do. We created the term […]

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