20 Quotes of Desire

We all have desires; things we want to accomplish, our goals and dreams. In some cases, we desire someone; a person to fill the void, complete us, and to spend the rest of our lives with. In other cases, we desire to be wealthy, get a job, have children, or to just be whatever our … Continue reading 20 Quotes of Desire

A Woman Broken …. Self-Doubt

"If only I ... lost some weight... was prettier... was younger..." Beauty is within. You have to stop believing  media lies that tell you beauty is about what you look like. Popular culture shows us what they think we should consider beauty, but the essence of a person is within them. Looks fade... we all will age … Continue reading A Woman Broken …. Self-Doubt

I Hate That Word…

I read a post that completely disturbed me. I am beyond disappointed. I am hurt and enraged as I write these words. It's hard for me to understand how someone could be so simple-minded, belittling, ignorant, and absent-minded of the words that they use ... Scrolling through the WordPress Reader, I cam across a blog post … Continue reading I Hate That Word…

A Love Letter

To my beloved, When I first saw your eyes, I melted like wax. I knew I wanted you as my own. I felt a strange desire to claim you. I needed you to see me, to catch my eye... Even in feeling invisible, confidence took over, and I asked your name. The most gorgeous name … Continue reading A Love Letter

A Few of My Favorite Things

Watching the sunrise. Sipping a Chai Tea or a Green Tea Latte. spooning in bed. Taking Detox Tea Baths.  Listening to Coldplay. a porch swing or laying in a hammock. singing pop songs as an Opera.  Dancing in my living-room.   Driving on an open road. my daughters smile. Blowing out birthday candles. the smell, after … Continue reading A Few of My Favorite Things

10 Things Men Should Never Say To Women

We all have heard it ... the stupid things that men have said to us when dating and in relationship with these assholes. Ladies, stop allowing men to say things to you that you know are disrespectful and be an advocate for your heart. Here are the 10 things that men should never say to … Continue reading 10 Things Men Should Never Say To Women


a long drive ahead...windows down warmth, dust and smog in the wind... pounding pavement... wheels spin. Red, white, and blue in the distance... Hair down & wild... mascara trails.. knuckle gripped, chest tight, heart hammering... fire lit and smoke surrounds... ...red & blue sirens blare in the distance... no more discrimination...  no racism... no stereotypes... … Continue reading Flee