Day 6: 21-Day-Detox 

Saturday, July 1, 2017 After running around the Strip District, holding ropes above my head block-after-block, and doing squats at every corner (read about this unique workout method in my post Day 5: 21-Day-Detox), I could not believe how much energy I had for Saturdays 9:00 AM workout. Workout 5 The instructors at The Camp Transformation … Continue reading Day 6: 21-Day-Detox 

Love Your Body

Love your body! Love every curve, slant, dip, dimple, and scar. Love your body to focus on your self-love.   Love your body enough to feed it clean food and drink water. Love your body enough to be active. Love your body enough to meditate and do yoga. Love your body enough to rest. Love your … Continue reading Love Your Body