#HealZone: Name Your Hurt, Defy Your Comfort Zone – 31 Day Challenge

“Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” -Yoko Ono When we allow ourselves to declare our pain by naming our hurt and defying our comfort zones we are journeying closer toward healing. "Holding in the pain does not heal it." -Ta'lor Pinkston Introducing the #HealZone Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, #HealZone, our 31 Day Challenge, will … Continue reading #HealZone: Name Your Hurt, Defy Your Comfort Zone – 31 Day Challenge

2017 #YOUBULLIEDME Challenge

Being bullied completely altered my relationships with my family and friends. It was something that I kept hidden and never really talked about until about two years ago when I experienced a minor depression while pregnant with my daughter.\ The effects of bullying caused me to distrust most people, because my friends were the people who bullied … Continue reading 2017 #YOUBULLIEDME Challenge

3 Day Quote Challenge

The standard of beauty, has become a negative epidemic that targets young women to see themselves as less than, inferior, or ugly if they do not look a certain way. Low self-esteem; a lack of self-love, self-respect, value, and overall inequality for us in society, are the result of this epidemic, any many have led to detrimental outcomes in order to escape this reality, including suicide.