we are all Beautiful…we are all Ugly

I have heard men call Beyoncé ugly…Kim K., Halle Berry… Even when they are in full contour, there is some man that thinks they are not all that.

Ugliness is subjective.
Being Beautiful is subjective.

So what’s the standard, right?

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Uniqueness is Beauty

Everyday we struggle with our identity; constantly trying to define ourselves, until we are truly comfortable with who we are.

But, does that ever really happen?

Are we ever truly happy with who we are?

I know that there have been times in my life when I was not happy with how I looked. In this judgmental society, that feeling can last for a long time.

We are surrounded with images of what “beauty” is and this can cause self-doubt, low self-esteem, poor values, and depression.

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Attention Parents!!!

As a parent, I know what it is like to have someone judge, criticize, or comment on your parenting style. It’s irritating.

What really grinds my gears, is when someone that does not have children try to provide their insight or advice on parenting…

Although, I feel that no one has the right to judge someone’s parenting, unless they are physically, mentally, or emotionally harming  child, there are those things that truly upset me that some parents do!

Attention Parents, there are 5 things we need to stop doing:

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Beauty is…

“She just wants to be beautiful…She craves attention, she praises an image. She prays to be sculpted by the sculptor…she tries to cover up her pain and cut her woes away, cause Covergirls don’t cry after their face is made…She don’t see her perfect, she don’t understand she’s worth it, or that beauty goes deeper than the surface…You should know your beautiful just the way you are. And you don’t have to change a thing the world could change its heart, no scars to your beautiful…”

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Naturally #Primp


verb \ˈprimp\

Simple Definition of primp

:to try to make yourself more attractive by making small changes to your clothes, hair, etc., especially while looking at yourself in a mirror


In high school, I spent so much time in the mirror.

I thought that I was vain, but honestly, I was more insecure than I had a high opinion of my appearance, abilities, or worth.

But isn’t every other high school female insecure?

We are born into a material world, surrounded by images of women who we consider more pretty, beautiful or gorgeous than we are.

We spend hours in mirrors trying to be perfect like every girl on a magazine cover.

I remember fixing my hair, constantly. If one strand of hair was out-of-place, I felt like I wasn’t perfect.

But, I wanted to be perfect for others, not myself.

Being perfect is subjective, and now, we have to change the definition…

In our teens, we as young women do not realize that we are perfect without make-up, designer hand-bags, clothes & shoes…

We are naturally primp!

We are naturally primp because we are strong, intellectual, talented and beautiful!



adjective \ˈprimp\

Pinkspen’s Definition of primp

:knowing you are naturally attractive, especially while looking at yourself in a mirror

I am #primp wearing sweatpants and over-stretched socks!

I can walk out of my house without wearing make-up all the time! That’s breaking culture barriers! #primp

I can cook dinner, feed my daughter and do her hair, and talk on the phone at the same time; I am #primp

Females are so #primp, we made the messy ponytail a classy hairstyle!

You are more than a magazine cover!


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Featured Image Source: StockSnap.io