Lyrics for Life 

“It could all be so simple. But you’d rather make it hard. Loving you is like a battle and we both end up with scars. Tell me who I have to be to get some reciprocity? No one loves you more than me and no one ever will.

Is this just a silly game that forces you to act this way?

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I have been published!!! 


Hello to my fellow bloggers and to the 400+ followers who have taken the time to check out my blog, keep in touch, and support my dreams….

College Mate has published my article “Decoding the Bro Code: One Night Stand or Long Term Girlfriend?” for their March Monthly Writing Contest (please go to COLLEGE MATE to learn more).

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Decoding the Bro Code: One Night Stand or Long-term Girlfriend?

I am overjoyed about COLLEGE MATE publishing my article for their March Monthly Writing Contest.

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I seek to uplift, empower, and challenge women to be the best versions of themselves. 

College life is difficult for relationships and helping college freshman females to navigate through the differences between a FWB or a real intimate relationship, is my goal!

These are the signs to look out for if a guy just wants you as a Friend With Benefits…


I started college with big expectations of college guys. Most of those expectations were based on what I knew about high school boys; and college boys were supposed to be even better! I fully expected to find my college sweetheart, and live “happily ever after”.

Instead, what I found was that most college guys had one goal: to get you in bed. They would use every pick-up line, and give every compliment, just to trick you into  dropping by their dorm room to “watch a movie.” 

I found myself repeating this cycle until one day, I had to face the truth. I cried as I looked at myself in the mirror, and realized I was still single and lonely. I wanted a boyfriend, not casual sex.

Ladies, don’t be fooled, as I was. As freshman females, you are the fresh meat on a college campus.

College guys love to check out the new…

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Addiction: A poem

Sometimes, as women, we allow men to take advantage of the nurturer within us. It is not difficult for a woman to show compassion, love, and willingness to a man, but we do this at the expense of losing who we are.

As Steve Harvey stated in response to a Strawberry Letter on the Steve Harvey Morning Show, “if women took the time to be as nurturing to themselves as they do men, they would be in control of what they allow in their relationships…”(paraphrased)

We have to do better with taking care of ourselves, and we have to discover our worth so that we can show out worth to those around us. Only then, do we see from others, how worthy we are.



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My Emerald Life

People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar-Thich Nhat Hanh

I am grateful to be free from my suffering. I thought it was love…

I let you in

Your poison

Seeps into my skin

My heart carries

Your lies

My body

Accepts your deceit

Hurt controls me

Loving you

Scars me but

It feels necessary

My mind is gone

In my dependence

I am owned

But I am convinced

Without you

Nothing else can exist

Even if there is a cure

A way to cut the ties

Break the chains

And live free

Who will I be

If you don’t love me?

I’d rather suffer through

The deceit, the hurt

Than to build me up

And discover my worth

It is easier

To live in submission

Than to admit

My addiction

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10 things men should never say to women

  1. Calm Down! (Don’t tell me what to do…if I am not calm, its probably your fault.) 
  2. You are too emotional. (Well at least I will live longer, because I know how to let my emotions go, instead of holding on to them!)  
  3. You don’t have to raise your voice! (Listen… if you think that this is loud…you have no idea how raised, my voice can be…)  
  4. I don’t care. (Well, you really don’t want me to stop caring…keep it up…)
  5. What did you do to your hair? (If you don’t like my hair style, don’t say anything. It will change to something else in about a week, anyway.)  
  6. Is it that time of the month, again? (What, are you keeping track? Listen, menstruation is not the reason for my attitude, you are an arse, that is the only reason for my attitude.)
  7. I think we should take a break. (We are either together, or broke up, no grey areas.) 
  8. I want you to have my baby… (Don’t be mad 3 months later, when she is pregnant!) 
  9. You are acting like a bitch! (All I hear is, BITCH, so if you want to take that road, be prepared for pot holes, sharp turns, and falling rock.) 
  10. You sound just like your mother. (I am my own person. I sound like myself!) 



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a love on repeat…

I pray constantly…

…for you.

I pray for me.
…for us!

So many tears shed…
Nights spent, lying awake with swollen eyes.
Days to weeks…weeks to months…months to years…

Hoping for a change…
Hoping to look up, and one day it will be better…
Different… but the pain repeats.

So, I continue to beg…

I just know that one day it will be, destiny…
All smiles.
No fear.
No pain.
No more waiting…
…needing more…


I Beg…
I Plead…
I Pray …
…For us!
I yearn for a heart of joy…
To be complete in our love…
To be wanted…
To be desired…
…seen for all that I am…

…for all that have become…

…for who I will be.

Strong, Passionate, and Loving…
With a heart that pounds for what we could be…
For our love…
Our family…
Our future…
Our life…





Poem Clarification:

I wrote this poem in 5 minutes…

My heart was broken, and I realized that I was repeating the same actions…having the same conversations, yet expecting a different result in the healthiness of my relationship. Relationships are difficult…they can be hard to maintain… after many years in the same relationship, it is easy to see your significant other, only one way. But, in reality, we change constantly. We are always growing… wanting more or less… life makes us need different things in our relationships and it is up to your significant other to understand this and love you through all aspects.

It can be so difficult to express how we feel when we are speaking to a loved one, because we have so many emotions invested, and we forget all we wanted to say as soon as we look at them, because we love them.

I was done talking. So, I decided to do something different. I decided to say everything that I would say to someone else, to the person I love, not verbally, I wrote it down and as I began to write, the words became poetic… broken thoughts, all carrying the same meaning:

I find that, when I write how I feel, instead of focusing on my initial reaction, I am able to get better understanding. It is important to me to always aim to be the best version of myself. There are things that work at one point in time, that no longer do. The older I get, I am noticing that my tolerance for dissatisfaction is limited. My patience is changing and understanding that what I deserve vs. what I want, clash at times, and it takes a strong person to determine how to handle this reality.

For now, I choose to write!



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