Rebrand My Heart: Choosing Self-love

self-love: a path. a practice. a choice. christine arylo, the path of self-love

Hello beautiful. I am the Heart Advocate who is here for the heart of every woman. LADYHOOD journey seeks to help women become advocates for their hearts, who want to prioritize their body acceptance, happiness, mental health and inner peace by facing their fears, self-doubt, insecurity, and shame in relationships + mental health.


Photographer: Julie Kahlbaugh – Pittsburgh, PA

The Rebrand My Heart program helps women to open the door to Healing Over Everything™ by showing women how to be their own heart advocate. Rebrand My Heart will give women the opportunity to choose their worth every day, help them prioritize the 10 branches of self-love (provided by the Path of Self-love), and make the active choice to commit to their heart and soul desires.

Self-love is something that we actively choose to embrace every damn day.

As a guide, I will provide you with support + empowerment as we navigate through each branch of self-love, by giving you the opportunity to see yourself as the divine see’s you: beautifully and wonderfully made, capable and ‘flaw-some’, purposeful and worthy of joy, love, and peace. 

Self-love is not selfish, it is a requirement in wellness + mental health. 

By making our heart and soul desires priority we can change what we allow in relationships, we can change how we parent, how we communicate, how we handle our mental health, and our health and wellness. Let‘s break down the walls of fear, self-doubt, self-hate, and insecurity with the 10 branches of self-love, including self-awareness, self-care, self-trust, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness.

What to Expect 

There are a total of 12 sessions for the Rebrand My Heart program. Each session focuses on one of the 10 branches of Self-love (Path of Self-love). For a total of 12 weeks, you will be provided with Heart Tools to help you choose your heart personally + professionally.

Sessions can be booked weekly or with a $50 savings when you sign up for the full program

Session 1-12 Flow + Format

Week 1 – What is Self-love? / Review Self-love Quiz

Week 2 – Self-Awareness + Honesty / Review Self-love Assessment 1

Week 3 – Self-Acceptance

Week 4 – Self-Compassion + Forgiveness

Week 5 – Self-Trust

Week 6 – Self-Esteem

Week 7 – Self-Empowerment

Week 8 – Self-Care

Week 9 – Self-Respect + Honor

Week 10 – Self-Pleasure

Week 11 – Self-Expression

Week 12 – Self-love Promise / Review Self-love Assessment 2

how to begin the “rebrand my heart” program

Photographer: Erin Panosian (Pittsburgh, PA)

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Each session for the Rebrand My Heart program is available through video conferencing on Zoom for 1 hour sessions at $25/hour. 

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