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A 10 session body acceptance program using Zoom Internet.

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Hello beautiful.

If you desire to accept your body, forgive yourself for a past choice, or embrace your emotions, mental health, and healing, Perfectly Imperfect is the Heart Advocate program for you.

This program will help you accept your stretch marks and C-section scar after having your baby, look into the mirror and be grateful for what you see, be compassionate with yourself as make choices and navigate through setting boundaries and maintaining healthy relationships, and forgive yourself for those things that still give you shame and guilt. 

don’t be perfect. be unashamed. -The Heart Advocate

About Perfectly Imperfect

Self-Acceptance and Self-Compassion are essential branches of self-love (Path of Self-love). Each week you will be provided with Heart Tools and Heart Work designed by The Heart Advocate for 10 sessions that focus on embracing, accepting, and being connected with your body, your mind, and your emotions so that you can be compassionate with and forgive yourself. 

You were not created to be perfect.

Perfectly Imperfect is a virtual self-love program using Zoom Internet for privacy + protection (Zoom Links will be provided to you upon signing up for program).


Take the Vow: I will not say anything mean to myself, and if I do I will compliment myself immediately. 

Session 1: Body + Beauty Shaming and Identifying your Inner-Critic/Bully

Sessions 2-9 will each have a different focus including, understanding past choices, identifying your inner-critic, self-acceptance, self-compassion + forgiveness, body acceptance, defying beauty standards, inner critic vs. inner wisdom, and self-honor + respect. 

Session 10 – Review Self-love Quiz + My Body Type Definition

Self-love is “a path, a practice, and a choice” (Christine Arylo, Path of Self-love) we make every damn day. By taking this vow to not speak negatively about yourself for 10 weeks, you are committing to your heart. 

NEED TO KNOW: I am a single mother who does her best to meet you where you are in providing this virtual service, but at anytime during sessions a 4 year old may interrupt us.

Cancelling/Rescheduling Policy:

Life happens so its understandable that you may need to reschedule a session.

– if you cancel a session, you must do so at least 3 hours prior to session to avoid being charged full price for that session.

– If you cancel within 3 hours until session start time, you must pay for the missed session and the re-do session

– I will wait for a session to begin for 10 minutes and then I will be forced to cancel the session (you will have to pay for missed session)

Are you ready to commit to your heart and to accepting that beautiful body of yours?

Embrace yourself. Accept yourself. Love yourself.

I am here for your joy, your inner-peace, your wellness, and your heart.  I can’t wait to connect with you.

You will receive a confirmation and welcome email with instructions on how to schedule your first Session 1. 


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