Love Pause: Self-love Therapy

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1 hour virtual Self-love Session for you to get the pause your mind, body, and soul needs.

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Do you ever wish you could just stop everything around you for just a moment and take a pause for yourself? There are many things in this life that we are responsible for and one of them is our hearts.

About Love Pause

Love Pause are virtual Self-love Therapy sessions for women + femme ages 18+ who need someone to hold space for them to release stress, toxicity, insecurity, restlessness, fear, worry, and self-doubt.

You will meet with The Heart Advocate at your pace; weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. to meet YOU where YOU are. Sessions are $25 and can be booked individually. Virtual sessions will take place using Zoom Internet for privacy + protection. (Zoom Links will be provided to you upon booking/scheduling your session.)


You will receive the Self-love Quiz which reveals which stream of self-love requires some strengthening in order for you to have a well rounded life that is rooted in your heart and souls desires.

Sessions will provide you with Heart Tools + Heart Work that will give you the opportunity to determine if you are settling for less than you desire, if you have only loving and respectful relationships, and if you are staying true to your heart and souls desires even if that means disappointing others.

Cancelling/Rescheduling Policy:

Life happens so its understandable that you may need to reschedule or miss a session. Here are the cancelling and rescheduling policies: 

– I am willing to wait 10 minutes at the start of session to begin. After 10 minutes, our session will be cancelled. 

– if you cancel a session, you must do so at least 3 hours prior to session to avoid being charged full price for that session.

– you will still need to pay for any make-up sessions


Do You Need A Pause?

We all have personal + professional desires and often times we ignore our desires because of fear, self-doubt, insecurity, shame and guilt. As The Heart Advocate, I am dedicated to helping every woman become her own heart advocate by giving her the Heart Tools she needs to understand, accept, and manifest her heart + souls desires every day.

I can’t wait to connect with you.


1 review for Love Pause: Self-love Therapy

  1. Meelah (verified owner)

    Ta’lor is a life savor! A few times a month she reminds me how valid my feelings are & to connect to my heart! These sessions are amazing & I love the energy she brings! So grateful for Ta’lor! ❤️

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