Perfectly Imperfect Program

I remember being so mean to myself when I would look into the mirror. I remember beating myself up for every bad choice. I remember what it felt like trying to look and be perfect at everything; it was exhausting.

I was my biggest bully, and I remember body + beauty shaming myself and allowing my inner-critic to control my life. What I know to be true is that body acceptance and self-compassion are the cure for defying perfection and the more we seek to be unashamed over being perfect, the more we can accept + embrace our body, our mental health, our emotions, and our past choices.

If you are done body + beauty shaming yourself out of wearing that two-piece swimsuit, if you feel like you can’t leave your house without wearing makeup, or if you are beating yourself for past choices that are raising your anxiety and impacting your inner-peace, it’s time to begin Perfectly Imperfect.


Perfectly Imperfect is a Heart Advocate program that is dedicated to helping you see your body as beautiful, accept your past choices, be compassionate with yourself, and forgive yourself for those things you feel guilty and ashamed of. By focusing on three essential Branches of Self-love; Self-Acceptance, Self-Honor, and Self-Compassion (Path of Self-love you begin to see your body as more than a physical vessel. You will be provided with Heart Tools and Heart Work that will challenge your thoughts (negative self-talk), feelings (inner-critic), and behaviors (bullying) for 10 weeks.

don’t be perfect. be unashamed.

Each session is designed to help you continue to shift how you see your body, how compassionate you are with your body + choices, and how you are honoring your mind, body, and soul.

what to expect

There are a total of 10 sessions for the Perfectly Imperfect program. I want to meet you where you are. Each week you will be able to choose your date/time of session based on my availability. Perfectly Imperfect is a virtual self-love program that uses Zoom Internet for privacy + protection (Zoom Links will be provided to you upon signing up for program).

How To Begin

MAKE THE VOW! I will not say anything negative about myself, and if I do, I will compliment myself immediately.

Can you commit to only speaking kindly about your body, emotions, and your choices for 10 weeks? If you are you ready to commit to your heart, click the button below.

become a heart advocate

To learn more  about me please visit the About page and if you have any questions or concerns, click the Contact page or email me 

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