You Bullied Me

Feeling so honored to have my poem "You Bullied Me" published on The Weird Poet's Journal and FB page, in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month. I wrote this haiku to raise awareness on the importance of bullying prevention as a part of my Social Media and Journal Challenge #YOUBULLIEDME. Although it is no longer … Continue reading You Bullied Me

Be a Good Human

Stop being petty. Stop judging others. Stop discrimination. Stop paying women less than men. Stop cheating on your spouse. Stop cyber bullying. Stop posting memes to make fun of someone. Stop allowing others to bully someone else. Stop abusing children and older adults. Stop beating your kids to the point you break skin. Stop smoking … Continue reading Be a Good Human

#YOUBULLIEDME Social Media and Journal Challenge: Part 1

#YOUBULLIEDME but I am stronger.  Being bullied was something I never talked about. In elementary and middle school, I was bullied by my peers and girls that I considered my friends. I think I was ashamed to admit it to myself. I felt like I was weak if I said it out loud, but for … Continue reading #YOUBULLIEDME Social Media and Journal Challenge: Part 1