I’ll wait

patiently waiting…

A dream so vivid

Hope fills my lungs,

exhaling a desire to know you.
still waiting…

Refusing to settle like most of them.
I would rather wait…

…for all I need and all that I do not possess.

I see you.
Feel you.
Want you…
Dreaming while I wait for you.

I know your worth it.
Imperfectly perfect…
Just what I need.

You and I are worth the wait.

-Pinkspen 💋



When your betrayal is quiet, the hurt is deeper. Not quiet as in “cannot hear” or “softly” but quiet as in silent, direct pain… sobering pain… absolute truth pain, designed to break me. You creep into my heart and steal it as you fade away. A distant thought as to how I could allow myself to betray myself….neglect myself….. How could I continue to press and pull at my soul and expect it not to bury deep inside of me? You tried to take my essence, and yet I still care while you dismiss my insist, and it was mandatory. Requiring more. Deserving more. Only you are absent from the magnitude of what I gave compared to what most would. Only you can destroy the beauty around you until its decayed and rotten. I lost the desire to care, to try, to give, to see the beauty within you that is now buried inside of resentment and fear. Afraid to have happiness and joy, to advance, to elevate with me to our dream. Your nightmares have crept into our reality and it almost destroyed my ability to love again… Almost.