10 Tips To Love Your Body

Body acceptance is an important aspect of the body positive movement. If you learn to accept your body you can learn to love your body.


A Plus-size Clap Back on Bitmoji: A Petition for Bitstrips Inc. to be Body-Inclusive

Are you plus-size or fat? How do you feel about the avatar options in the Bitmoji app? One option for plus-size bodies is unacceptable and we have to do something about it. SIGN THE PETITION.

We Are All Beautiful + Ugly

I have heard men call Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Halle Berry ugly... Even when they are in full contour, there is someone that thinks they are not all that. Ugliness is subjective.Being Beautiful is subjective. So what's the standard, right? Fair or Light skinned.Thin.Light eyes.Long hair.Big boobs.Plump butt. Curves. The standard is impossible to live … Continue reading We Are All Beautiful + Ugly