Leading Lady Emily: Troubled Teen to Youth Leader

I would like to Introduce you to Emily Hawthorne, the third feature for the Leading Lady Campaign. 

Emily Hawthorne on her wedding day.

About Leading Lady Campaign

The Leading Lady Campaign seeks to empower women and girls to defy obstacles, self-doubt, and fear so that they can reach their dreams. We want to highlight, promote, uplift each of these women, as they share their professional growth, intimate struggles, passions, and their future goals in their journey toward success.

LADYHOOD journey, LLC, believes that your journey is our journey. We all can learn from one another by empowering, inspiring and challenging ourselves to push towards excellence, at every stage of the journey. 
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Battling Self-Doubt, Negative Thoughts & Impostor Syndrome

This post is full of empowerment, light, self-love and growing stronger by appreciating the good in yourself.

It is not always easy to stay positive.

Self-doubt can take root on your hopes and overpower everything benefical you want to accomplish, but just like the author, Jessica Corbin states “For each negative thought you may have about yourself, find one true positive statement to counter it.”

To learn more about battling self-doubt, this is a must read!

It is true that our biggest critic is often ourselves. We are constantly bombarded with influences telling us, how we should act, speak and where we should be in life by now. Truth is, there is not a set standard for how we should live our lives and where we should be in life by a certain date. We are all living our own purposes, on our own journeys. The trouble with negative thinking is that we hold our lives up against that of others and the media. These influence cause us to view ourselves as less than. Instead of seeking to build ourselves up, all we can see are flaws. There are enough negative sources around us, influencing us such as the media, and people in our lives. Instead of allowing yourself to default to the negative, make a conscious effort to think more positively.

Check your perspective. See…

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Cucumber Water is Life

So, if you are anything like me, sometimes drinking water gets boring. When I was in college, I went through many moments where I had to ask myself “did you drink water today?” Now that I am a single-mother and I am trying to tackle my health and wellness through self-love, I am focused on drinking more water daily, but it still gets so boring.

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Hello Self-love

Anne-Sophie Reinhardt, Anti-diet Coach and Body Confidence Expert, wrote an amazing statement about the importance of self-love and self-confidence in her article, Love is Everything, Self-love is the Beginning

“You are exactly where you need to be at this moment in time. Exactly where you’re supposed to be to do what needs to happen in your life. That thing you’ve always wanted to do – the healing, the breaking free, the forgiving, the loving your body as she is – it can happen now.”

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50 Self-Care and Body-Love Tips for Beginners

As a part of Self-care September, I have been actively incorporating self-care activities into my daily routine. It is not always easy to make the time for myself with my busy schedule. Trying to balance mommyhood, work, and building my blog and biz, all keep me very busy. In order for me to give my best to my daughter and my followers, I have to show myself the best form of care.

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You Bullied Me

Feeling so honored to have my poem “You Bullied Me” published on The Weird Poet’s Journal and FB page, in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month. I wrote this haiku to raise awareness on the importance of bullying prevention as a part of my Social Media and Journal Challenge #YOUBULLIEDME

To learn more about the challenge and to participate in daily prompts to help heal from bullying and raise awareness, visit my #YOUBULLIED me page HERE.

The Weird Poet's Journal


Title: You Bullied Me (A Haiku)
words by: Ta’lor Pinkston
Submitted to: The Weird Poet

Join the campaign against all forms of bullying!
Send a poem to inspire!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/twpjournals
Website: www.theweirdpoet.wordpress.com

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#YOUBULLIEDME Social Media & Journal Challenge (Part 2)

Advocating for anti-bullying is important to LADYHOOD journey. I believe that by sharing my story and by others doing the same, we can end bullying together. We have come so far in our journey toward healing, and we are just getting started tackling bullying prevention. 


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I miss the touch. That rough touch.

You always gave me more than I needed, and yet, I always wanted more.

I wanted more from us! I wanted more than our bed.

I pant and relive every inch of that bed.

Rolling over, we would meet eye-to-eye.

You grab the back of my neck.

Pull me close, to kiss my panting mouth.

Sometimes in the middle of the night, I can still feel your mouth on mine…

You would grab my hips, pulling me closer, making me squeal with anticipation.

I think that’s what I miss the most…

I miss the moment right before the moment…

before the rough!