Morning Motivation: You Are Powerful

Defy your fear, doubt, insecurity, shame, loneliness, and guilt with self-love. I hope this #morningmotivation video helps to remind you of how powerful you are every single day!

Rebrand My Heart: Choosing Self-love Program

This 12 week program can help you to open the door to Healing Over Everything™. Rebrand My Heart: Choosing Self-love provides support and empowerment by giving you the tools to be your own heart advocate using the 10 branches of self-love (provided by the Path of Self-love). Each week we will focus on 1/10 of the branches to help you make the active choice to commit to your heart and soul desires every day, beginning with the first step of self-love, self-awareness.

In order to commit to your heart and soul desires, you must first have an understanding of who you really are. Flaws and all. Errors and triumphs. What you desire to change and what you desire to grow. This requires being transparent with yourself about who you truly are. Self-love is not easy, but you can begin to work through those areas of self-love that need support and love with LADYHOOD journey on your side.

To begin to prioritize your desires, click HERE and join our 12 week program, Rebrand My Heart: Choosing Self-love, today.


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