Defy Diet Culture with Urbanfitco.

Diet culture, New Years resolutions and that dreaded “New Year, New Me” crap. Every year we hear the same trends and we see women a push from brands trying to sell popular cultures idea of perfection. Well urbanfitco. is saying, no more!

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Urbanfitco. Campaign

Urbanfitco. has an amazing campaign that is helping women take on the New Year by defying these trends. According to KC Kaluhiokalani, the CEO/Founder of Urbanfitco., “Rather than the ‘New Year, New Me’ mantra, we decided to go with ‘New Year, Same Me’ since our mission is self-love and empowerment.” This campaign is for every woman of every shape and size and gives room for us to celebrate the New Year by celebrating ourselves with a little self-love.

We feel that there is often a pressure to change at the beginning of the year, and women often find themselves focusing on all of the missed opportunities and the parts of themselves they wish were “better”. We want to change that. Instead of suggesting that our URBANFIT FAM create a wishlist for what to “fix” about themselves, we want to empower women to love themselves now by creating a movement that breaks the mold of your typical resolution for change. We want to encourage women to enhance and celebrate the parts of themselves they may not have accepted in the past.

-KC Kaluhiokalani (CEO/Founder urbanfitco.)


As a plus-size woman, I know the pressure women are under to lose weight. I have worn waist trainers to try and give myself a hour-glass figure, I have unrealistic diets, and I have hidden my body because of my belly fat, stretch marks and cellulite.

My journey with body-positivity is a choice that I am making every single day. I am accepting my body for who she is, I am speaking kindly about my body, understanding that self-acceptance does not mean tolerance of toxicity.

I had to begin to address my wellness from a place of love and that means being honest with myself about my choices and giving myself the space to be imperfect. I am defying diet culture in every opportunity by making yoga, meditation, self-reflection, and affirmation a major part of my self-care on a weekly basis not by dieting.

Defying diet culture is not an opportunity to ignore your health.

You can love your body while making a commitment to your health + wellness. I have learned that the more focus I put on my wellness and not on my body, the more I reach my self-care goals.

Authentically Me Hoodie

The urbanfitco “Authentically Me” crop-too hoodie is your opportunity to make a statement and declare your love for yourself, your body, and your journey.

This hoodie is more than just soft and cozy, it is a statement and reminder that women do not have to change to make their self-care and health + wellness a priority. Every woman can be authentic to who she is and still make goals that are based in self-love not in the self-hate promoted in diet culture.

To get your hoodie, click HERE and visit the Self-love Collection. Make sure you use code “ladyhoodjourney” to get 15% off for a limited time and check out all of the activewear on the urbanfitco website.

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