A Plus-size Clap Back on Bitmoji

I don’t think I am being petty or that I am wrong for saying that “I want a Bitmoji avatar body that looks like my body.” If thin women and men have that opportunity, so should my fat ass.

If you are privileged and have a thin body type there are four options available to choose from on the Bitmoji app when creating your avatar. Those of us, like myself, who are considered plus-size or fat, we have only have representation of an avatar with a plus-size body available to us.

I have to admit that it was difficult for me to choose the plus-size Bitmoji, even though I am a plus-size woman. For a few years, I was using one of the thin Bitmoji body types because the plus-size option did not depict what my body looks like, and I know that I am not alone. With so little options for plus-size individuals, I have seen many plus-size and fat individuals using the thin body-type options on the Bitmoji app as well.

What message is Bitstrips Inc and Snap Inc sending its’ users by offering four thin body-type options and only one plus-size? Bitstrips Inc and Snap Inc have a responsibility to their applications users to provide an array of body-type options for their Bitmoji avatars. There is nothing accepting, inclusive, or equal about having one body-type selection for plus-size bodies compared to four thin options.

Does the body of your Bitmoji avatar actually look like your body?

When I realized that I was allowing myself to choose a body type that was not like my own just because I didn’t like the option available to me, I knew that this was something that needed to change on the entire application.

plus-size + fat bodies welcome:

LADYHOOD journey would love to feature you on our Instagram stories, Facebook app, and in our next blog post related to the Bitmoji Body Shaming petition. All plus-size and fat bodies are welcome in this space.

Post a picture of your body next to the Bitmoji plus-size body type option and lets see if your body matches the avatar. Make sure to tag @ladyhoodjourney on Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #BitmojiBodyShaming to be featured. Please sign and share the Bitmoji Body-Shaming petition by clicking the button below.

Bitmoji Body-Shaming Petition

No matter how big or small the movement every body deserves to feel ACCEPted and included.


4 thoughts on “A Plus-size Clap Back on Bitmoji

  1. I was literally thinking the same thing.My family was in a group chat today and there’s no body that represents me.Im so sad by this because I don’t want to make an avatar that is smaller or one that mis represents my shape THAT I LOVE .Why cant we just move our hips, stomach, and other body parts up or down…
    20+wigs and only 1 plus size woman 😔

    1. Exactly. I know the technology is capable for us to be able to alter the shape of the body in the app …. be inclusive bitmoji. Please sign my petition sis

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