Leading Lady Danielle: Pittsburgh’s Motivational Stripper

Introducing Danielle Aimee, fat-positive Burlesque Dancer and Motivational Stripper

Luscious D

I don’t need to constantly push myself past my breaking point to be enough. I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Danielle Aimee

DANIELLE SHARES HER STORY ON HOW SHE became LUSCIOUS d, a burlesque dancer and motivational stripper.

Ta’lor: I am so thankful to have you. You are body-positive and fat-positive love and light. What an honor it is. Please share with us, who is this amazing woman Danielle Aimee?

Danielle: Well, I am 41 year old divorcee. A healthcare and insurance benefits professional by day. Actress, burlesque performer/producer, writer, model, spoken word artist, small business owner and empowerment facilitator on the side. A woman with a taste for adventure and on a quest to help other women love the skin they are in and their reflections from the inside out!

Luscious D

Ta’lor: Where did your passion for acting and performer come from? 

Danielle: I have been acting since I was 5, modeling since I was 19 and started burlesque after getting divorced at 36. Performance is in my blood, something that has always given me life. I struggled with self-esteem and body image in the past, so performing always gave me a chance to tap into parts of myself that I knew existed, but may not have been comfortable with. Once I formed a better relationship with myself and my body,  I harnessed the power that I had all along and it made me want to share my experiences with others. My experiences as a burlesque performer led me to create Loving Your Reflection, my brand for woman’s empowerment photoshoots and body positivity workshops and events.

Loving Your Reflection photo shoots were a great way for me to get out of my comfort zone and really embrace all that I am through self-expression. I truly enjoyed participating in the event and I cannot wait to come back and shoot again soon.

Ta’lor L. Pinkston, MSW (Loving Your Reflection Review, Facebook)

Ta’lor: What would you say is the best part of what you do and what is the most challenging?

Danielle: The best part of what I do is being a source of inspiration and empowering others. By sharing my story through performance, I give others the push to really think about themselves and their relationship with their body. As far as the most challenging part, having the energy to keep creating, to make the connections, to reach new audiences with my work, while maintaining my professional day job. My heart is in performance and empowerment activities, but my paychecks  come from the 40+ hours a week, that is not my passion, but necessary for survival. It’s a challenge to find balance.

Ta’lor: So I know you are extremely busy with all you do, how do you find the time to take care of you?

Danielle: I am really bad at self-care, but I have been able to focus more this year on resting more. I need to get better at things like treating myself to a mani/pedi or getting a massage or  acupuncture every so often and just pampering myself a bit.

Danielle Aimee aka Luscious D (saintevenphotography.com)

Ta’lor: Is there any advice you would give to someone looking to be a burlesque dancer or model?

Danielle: In the burlesque world, a kitten is a person who assists with shows by doing duties such as door, picking up clothes, setting up the stage, collecting tips for the performers, etc. This is a great way to network, learn the ropes and get acquainted with the performance scene. Viva Valezz! , the founder of Better A Studio For You, in Brookline, teaches Burlesque Goddess classes Thursday nights from 6:30-7:30p. Taking classes, even if you decide not to perform is another way to help you find that goddess within and embrace your sexier side!

Ta’lor: I just love it! So, with the New Year passing, what was one of the biggest lessons that you have learned in 2018?

Danielle: It’s okay to take a break to refocus and recharge. I have had fibromyalgia for over 20 years, along with some other autoimmune issues. I learned that I don’t need to constantly push myself past my breaking point to be enough. I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Ta’lor: Yes you are beautiful! So what are some things you have coming up for your brand and biz?

Luscious D

Danielle: Last year we relaunched Better A Studio For You in the lower level of Thrive on Health. My contribution to the studio is Loving Your Reflection where I facilitate empowerment photo shoots, workshops, and all bodies movement activities. The Body-positive Movement is something that I am very passionate about and having this new space I hope to bring people together and help them on their journey into self-love and acceptance. In 2019, I’m planning an all bodies, alternative lingerie fashion show and performance showcase Loving Your Reflection: Loving the Skin You’re In, that is going to be exciting!

Ta’lor: I am just so thankful to you Danielle for taking the time to share some of your story. my final question to you is, what would consider a Leading Lady to be?

Danielle: I consider a Leading Lady to be someone who has gone through struggle, but has now found the strength to learn from that struggle and empower others to find their power from within. A Leading Lady lifts others up and provides guidance and support to those around her.

More About Danielle AKA Luscious D

Luscious D

Danielle has been performing on stage since she was in kindergarten and found her love for public speaking in Middle School. She received her M.S. In Professional Leadership, specializing in Training and Development from Carlow University, and a BA from UPJ in Communications and Theater.  As an empowering public speaker who uses her voice to inspire others who struggle with self-esteem and body image issues. She has been facilitating empowerment photo shoots and activities for the past 2 years and urges participants to honor their current incarnation of their bodies and offer activities focused on #lovingyourreflection. For the past 5 years, she has been performing as a burlesque dancer and motivational stripper.

Instagram: @deedeedivino

Facebook: Loving Your Reflection (information on photoshoots) + Luscious D (upcoming shows and events)


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