More To Self-love Than Self-care

When I first started my self-love journey, I put most of my focus on my phyiscal health and wellness. I jumped into yoga, circuit workouts, and started a diet that I was completely unprepared for. What I found was over the course of my life, month after month, I had been rushing to tackle self-care without ever prioritizing the other nine branches of self-love.

a lack of understanding of self-care can cause many toxic eating habits and self inflicted body-shaming.

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As a result of neglecting the other branches of self-love, when it came to my health + wellness, I had no consistency in my self-care and I would immediately fall back into old habits (stress eating, eating late at night, less sleep) every time something troubling or severely stressful happened in my life. As a Self-love Coach, I have seen this toxic cycle in wellness repeated by many women and have discovered that its due to a lack of understanding of the 10 branches of self-love.

Your heart requires more than just self-care in your self-love journey.

Every person needs to take care of their physical, emotional, mental, and spirtiual self.
Self-care is a requirement in self-love, but so is self-expression, self-forgiveness, and self-trust (to learn more about self-trust, read 4 Musts in Self-trust). What I have learned in myself and what I have seen in others is that if you only try to tackle self-care or if you try to include the other branches of of self-love in the defintion of self-care, you will struggle in your journey.

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There is so much more to self-love than self-care.

In the Path of Self-love, we know that self-care is just one aspect or branch on the self-love tree. Self-care is just as important as the other aspects of self-love and without prioritizing each of them we will not gain full access to positive health and wellness results when tackling self-care.

Here are the 10 branches of self-love and their definitions to help you begin to understand all the branches of self-love instead of only focusing on self-care:


Understanding who you are and who you are not. Being truthful about how your actions, thoughts and choices impact your life and the people around you.


Making the choice to like all the parts of yourself without exception or judgment; your body, your skin, your personality, your past your present; completely unashamed.

Self-forgiveness + Self-compassion

Making the active choice to show yourself kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, understanding, and patience whenever you need it.


To have “a strong confidence in your ability to do and be anything” -Christine Arylo you desire to be.


Making the choice to listen and follow that inner voice inside of you because you know what you need even when others disagree with your choices.

The Path of Self-love Tree by Christine Arylo


“choosing to consistently create, recieve and experience joy, ensuring that your sould is fully fed and nourished” -Christine Arylo (The Path of Self-love School)


Taking responsibility over your life by choosing to create the life you desire every day unapologetically. 

Self-honor + Self-respect

The daily commitment to only make choices that respect and honor the scared being that you are.


Allowing the world to see you fully, truthfully, and without shame; without holding yourself back.


Making the choice to give yourself what you need every day spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

A Simple Guide to Self-love Infographic

(If you would like a printable version of this Inforgraphic, please click HERE to access.)

When we make the committment to self-care without understanding what self-love is, we are doing ourselves a diservice.

Join the self-love movement by prioritizing all the branches of self-love not just your self-care. Self-care is equally important as the other branches but we need all ten to have a well rounded and balanced life. It is important to first understand what self-love is before you focus on your self-care. Always remember that self-care is only one part of the journey.

Ta’lor Pinkston captured by Goss Boss

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  1. This is probably the best summary of self-love I have read so far. It’s so important to remember it’s about treating yourself as you would a good friend whom you love unconditionally. You accept that they might make mistakes, as all people do but it doesn’t stop you from loving them, acceptingt them, being affectionate towards them, acknowledging them and allowing to be who they are.

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