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I have had the honor teaming up with Jerome A. Jones, II (@sketchjones),  a Multimedia and Caricature Illustrator for a campaign that we created called #toallofme. It is important to LADYHOOD JOURNEY to support women in their self-love journey. Falling in love with my body is a journey that I believe in sharing because I was once ashamed. Even though I am comfortable in my skin and love my body as she is, I still struggle with accepting all of my body. That is the beauty of self-love, it is a journey and so is body-positivity.

Purpose of Campaign

During the month of November 2018 women will have the opportunity to share a love letter that reveals their insecurities , why they feel this way, and how they can fully begin to accept their natural body as it is now. #toallofme begins November 1, 2018. I share an excerpt of my Body Love Letter™ with a caricature by @sketchjones each week. Once a week, I will continue to share one excerpt while also encouraging women to share a body love letter of their own.

#toallofme was created with the intention of helping women see what the world calls a flaw, as something natural and beautiful. By changing how we think about our bodies and what we say about our bodies, we can change how we see and feel about our bodies.

Self-love + Art

I connected with @sketchjones on Instagram when he suggested we collaborate on a project. After a long direct message conversation I knew that I wanted to work with him. He has such an amazing talent and the more we discussed empowerment, self-love and body-love, the more I knew that starting a challenge would be perfect.

“just an idea; [how about a] dolled up as a caricature highlighting their particular insecurity.” @sketchjones

@sketchjones close up caricature of Ta’lor Pinkston

There is power in art and there is power in words.

It’s a Giveaway

The best part of this challenge is the fact that it is also giveaway. There will be one winner who will have the opportunity to have their insecurity turned into a body-positive caricature. The winner will be emailed separately and upon accepting the invitation, they will be announced on December 1, 2018. @sketchjones and I will request a full body image of you the way you look now and he will transform your photo into a dolled up caricature, that highlights your insecurity. @sketchjones will email you his completed caricature by mid December 2018.

How to Participate

Responses will be shared anonymously when you click the following #toallofme Body Love Letter, but you are required to share your email to be accepted into the giveaway.

Every love letter must begin with ‘#toallofme’ in order to be accepted. 

There are 5 questions to respond to that complete the entire Body Love Letter. Once you visit the Google Form and click ‘Submit’ you receive a full copy of your responses to your email after submission that you will have access to.

@sketchjones flyer for #toallofme – caricature of Ta’lor Pinkston

To have full access to my personal Body Love Letter™, follow LADYHOOD JOURNEY on social media (Facebook @ladyhoodjourney, Instagram @ladyhoodjourney, Twitter: @ladyjourney_) and also in my Facebook group, The H.O.E. Truth™ and in Yinz Bopo (created by @JamieJetaime). I will be sharing a more intimate look into my self-love journey..

Body-love and being body-positive is not something that happens immediately. We are consistently surrounded with images that promote perfection and we hold ourselves hostage to a standard of beauty that is unrealistic. Self-love is a process and life long journey that should never feel like pressure, so take your time.

Be transparent with yourself.

There will always be parts of your body that you may struggle to accept. By adapting self-love into your lifestyle you will have the opportunity to see yourself as perfectly flawed instead of seeing your body as something that needs to change.

I hope you join me throughout the month of November and help me shine a light on body-love. I desire for every woman to speak kindly about to body and to look in the mirror and truly love what they see because it is natural and bare.

Please share this challenge with your followers and all the women in your life and ask them to share their Body Love Letter™.




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