Leading Lady Paige: Pittsburgh’s Best Blogger

Meet Paige Kendra, Author, Blogger, and Reporter. Our sixth feature for the Leading Lady Campaign.

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Paige Kendra shares her sweet life as a Young Professional and the triumphs that come with hard work and a strong tribe. 

Ta’lor: Thank you so much Paige for accepting the invitation to be a part of the Leading Lady Campaign. I am honored to get to know you better. So to get started, who is Paige Kendra?

Paige: I am strong! I am fierce! I am smart! I am flawed! I am goofy! I am loud! I have two left feet (lol)! I am Paige Kendra Mitchell!

Ta’lor: I love it. When did you know that you wanted to be a Journalist?

Paige: So funny story… I never liked school. Never made straight A’s or a 3.0 GPA. Long story short; my mom purchased a really cute diary for me when I was 14 years old. It was super cute with glitter, fur, sequence, and an actual lock on it. And I absolutely loved it! I wrote in it every day! My diary had all the juicy information about school, boys, and family (lol). Then this transitioned into short story telling.

I started writing short stories and would read them to my younger brother Kenny at night. Writing continued to evolve and I realized I was kinda good at it my senior year of High School when my English teacher Mr. Justin Calderone pointed it out, and the rest was history. I later evolved into becoming a published author, writing professionally as a reporter, and started my own blog/brand.

Ta’lor: That is so amazing Paige. Clearly you had a strong team of supporters on your side throughout building your career. So, what has been the struggle for you while climbing the ladder of success in your career?

Paige: A struggle throughout my journey thus far … would be that I am young. I started in this field as a young professional. I became the Field Reporter for the New Pittsburgh Courier newspaper while I was still studying at Lincoln University. I also published my first book before the age of 21, and I started FrontPaigeMe Public Relations and launched my website when I was 25. So I guess you can say that I hit the ground running. 

Ta’lor: Well, I can certainly see that. All that you are doing is so inspiring Paige. Who inspires you? Who do you admire?

Paige: It’s hard to narrow down my admiration to one particular person. I pick and pull from several people. I admire my mother Shavone Mitchell, my grandmother, women of Pittsburgh Ashley Comans – Lynne Hayes Freeland, and women within media – Oprah, Gia Peppers, KI Ki Ayers, Tamron Hall, and Angela Yee!

Ta’lor: Those are some amazing powerhouse women to admire. A few weeks back, you won “Best Blogger” in Pittsburgh by the Pittsburgh City Paper. Congratulations! That is so exciting. What did winning that award mean to you?

Paige: I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY GIRL! I’m in awe and I am so humbled and grateful! This is my first award in recognition of my writing since I won a poetry contest in middle school! So this is a big deal. I’m so thankful! And I actually did some research and discovered that I am the first black person to win Best Blogger.

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Ta’lor: Young and Gifted! I just love it. So, with all your success, how do you deal with failure or setbacks?

Paige: Not only in business but in life period we deal all sorts of ups and downs. Something I do when I am having a bad day or failures or setbacks… I write in my prayer journal. I journal every day. I also try to be very conscious of stopping at the gas station also considered church every week so that I keep my spiritual tank full. Life is hard sometimes and that’s where I decompress.

Ta’lor: I am just loving your self-love and self-care sis. Let’s do some promo. What are some things you have coming up for your brand and biz?

Paige: My life is so chaotic and spontaneous. Things are rarely planned. But I see myself heading back to New York City within the next few weeks to do media coverage. There are a lot of events coming up and my PR Agency is rapidly growing and keeping me busy. I love my clients. I represent Three Rivers Adoption Council, Adaptive Behavioral Services, 100.1 WAMO, and Sugar and Smoke restaurant.

*if you want to know what Paige Kendra will be up to in the months ahead, visit her website https://www.frontpaigeme.com/

Paige Kendra Mitchell 

Ta’lor: Well Paige, you embody everything that I believe a Leading Lady is but I want to know your opinion. What would you say are the qualities of a Leading Lady?

Paige: I believe a [leading] lady is graceful, poised, beautiful, glows, and has a spirit that people cannot help but to gravitate to.

Ta’lor: I could not agree more. My final question to you is, what are three tips that you would give to women who have not found their purpose?

Paige: This was such a good question! Finding your purpose is so important in my opinion because everything you do and who you are is attached to it. However, my advice would be… just be true to who you are. And ask yourself what is that one thing that truly makes you who you are? What is the one thing you would do for free or that thing that feels equivalent to fresh air? Often times you will find your purpose somewhere rooted in those answers. Embrace who you are, chase what you love, and love yourself while doing it.

 LADYHOOD journey, is so thankful to the amazing Paige Kendra Mitchell for sharing her story, her positive vibes and for her inspiration as a young and gifted professional here in the city of Pittsburgh, PA.

More About Paige Kendra

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Paige Kendra Mitchell is the proud owner of FrontPaigeMe Public Relations and face of the brand/website www.FrontPaigeMe.com! Paige launched her business in 2016. She graduated from Lincoln University of Pennsylvania in 2013 with a double-degree in Print and Broadcast Journalism. Paige was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA where  she completed her High School trajectory at Penn Hills in 2009. In 2010, Paige began her career in professional writing with The New Pittsburgh Courier newspaper as a Field Reporter where she covered all sorts of events in Pittsburgh. She contributed to the Courier newspaper while in college before receiving her degree. Throughout her professional career she has published two books before the age of 21, received her certification in television production, professionally wrote for newspapers and magazines.

Facebook: Paige Mitchell

Instagram: @frontpaigeme

Website: https://www.frontpaigeme.com/

About Leading Lady Campaign

This Campaign was created in hopes of empowering women and girls to defy obstacles, self-doubt, and fear so that they can reach their dreams. LADYHOOD journey seeks to promote and uplift each feature as they share their professional growth, intimate struggles, passions, and their future goals in their journey toward success.

This Campaign will highlight women at every stage of the LADYHOOD journey as college students and graduates, prospective career women, mompreneurs and entrepreneurs, new and professional bloggers, small business owners, program leaders,  community activists, and CEOs and founders. 


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