Dear Toxic Men

To every man who seeks to destroy a woman,

The manipulation you possess … Oh you must be proud. You must look in the mirror and feel so empowered by the way you tried to crush me. Deceit thy middle name. Oh, you know what you do. What to say. Skilled indeed, as you consistently deceive with no regard. On a pedestal you sat; making moves like chess pieces. A thoughtful belittling. An open embrace of never taking blame. You only wanted your dream, not one that included mine. Many women seek men like you, for being such a mystery. A mystery covering your insecurities. I feel your pain because you place it on me. Your limits. Your boundaries. Your belittling. Your pain . . . is now, my heartbreak. But, YOU CAN’T WIN. The hurt you gave is now my strength.

I thank you for revealing your truth to me. Now I know what to look for in a man. Your complete opposite.

I wish you well,

Ta’lor Pinkston

This poem is the response to Day 11 of #HealZone, a 31 Day Challenge, “Name Your Hurt, Defy Your Comfort Zone.”

Day 11: Write a letter to someone who hurt you.

This challenge was created by myself, Rebekah Denise, and Julia Joy.

Day 11 was not easy but I am glad I spoke these words. I am beginning to love spoken word because I am able to just say things how I feel exactly. Limited thought. Major Truth.

Let’s continue Healing Over Everything™ together.

6 thoughts on “Dear Toxic Men

  1. yes! something brought me here today because the manipulation, shame and betrayal (and there was so much of it) is the fuel to my growth and improvement. my letter to him is thank you for giving me not one but two boys to raise into two healthy, compassionate, respectful men. that is my new power.

  2. Thank you for your transparency! As I learn to no longer be ashamed of the truth of my past, you speak to my heart! Thank you!!

    1. Thank you for reading Teneesha and for such empowering and thoughtful words. Means so much to me that you can feel and see my heart in my words. I am here for you sis.

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