French Kissing Myself

I really hated myself. 

I certainly did not love me.

I betrayed myself, allowing crap to shit on me, as I stood still believing the crap was deserving.

A self-inflicted wound that could not heal.

Stabbing myself in the heart.

I was afraid of being me.

To trust me.

To forgive me.

To love me.

To be me!

Hating myself only limited myself.

Dimming my light

Hiding my worth. 

Blocking my blessings. 

I don’t recognize that woman anymore.

How could I hate something created with purpose?

Now, I live unashamed.

I am free from the bondage of self-doubt, fear and insecurity because I am running toward my pain instead of hiding from it.

I am embracing my tears by allowing them to flow instead of wiping them dry.

I stood still for too long.

Now, I am running into my own arms and french-kissing myself.

I am checking in with myself.

I am transparent with myself.

I am showing up for myself.

I am trusting myself.

I am giving to myself.

I am learning myself.

I am listening to myself.

I am loving myself.


© 2018 Ta’lor Pinkston, LADYHOOD journey, LLC


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  1. Yes, say it, I said it and I’m going to keep saying it out loud and I’m gonna to tell others about!

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