How to be Single and Love Valentines Day

Valentines Day sucks when your single. Every store is filled with hearts and flowers. Commercials show couples buying gifts and going on romantic dates; yes, it can be painful, but it doesn’t have to suck.

This is my first Valentines Day as a single-mother. I have been single on this day before, I just never imagined life as an unmarried mother. I still have moments where its painful to think about, but I am over the idea that if I am not in a relationship I can’t enjoy this holiday. I am defying the idea that Valentines Day has to suck just because I am a single woman and mother.

Valentines Day is about love not relationships. 

My singleness was my choice because I would no longer allow myself to feel lonely in a relationship.

I refuse to be one of those single-women who sits in her house listening to love songs, crying, while eating an entire tub of ice cream just because it’s Valentines Day. I also refuse to be the single-woman who goes out looking for a man to have a one-night-stand to have some company. 

I am going to romantic with myself.

I decided to view this Valentines as a of me loving my singleness, and this year, I have truly learned how to love on me. I plan to make myself feel good and I want every single-woman and single-mom to do the same.Here are 5 ways to show your single-self some love on Valentines Day:

1. Get Flowers Delivered to Yourself

Some may look at having flowers delivered to yourself as desperate, but to me, buying myself flowers makes me feel just as good as when a man buys them for me because I truly love flowers and plants.

If you are not into flowers, order chocolate covered strawberries from Shari’s Berries, or try a variety of treats with Graze.

Also, be mindful that there are local shops in your community that sell delectable treats that you can support as well.


2. Write Yourself a Love Letter

I always loved getting love notes as a kid. It’s been years since someone wrote me a letter, so now, I write myself letters.

Writing yourself a letter about how much you love yourself, will not only make you feel good, it reveals your worth to you. If you believe that you are strong and capable, then you will want that same passion for you in a relationship. 

When YOU value YOU and know your worth, you will have a love someday who loves you and treats you just as well as you do.


3. Make Your Favorite Dessert

Cooking can be therapeutic. When I am making something that I truly want, cooking is fun. I love the creativity that you can have with food with each ingredient. 

I have been purposefully getting into making my food look appetizing. I call it “eating pretty,” and it really helps boost feelings of joy and satisfaction inside of me

When your food looks pretty, it’s like getting a reward to eat.

Make yourself cupcakes, or chocolate chip cookies; a cheesecake, cinnamon rolls, or even a delicious fruit salad with frozen cool whip topping are all great desserts to have for your day of self-love.


4. Binge Watch Comedies

This Valentines Day stay away from listening to love songs and watching romantic movies and binge watch comedies that will lift you upLaughter feels so good. When I am feeling lonely, I like to binge watch shows that are goofy, are filled with dry humor, and are carefree. 

I am loving the show Alone Together on Freeform because it makes being alone seem hilarious. The show brings a lighthearted reality to being single but it also shows that friendship can truly help you through your self-doubt, loneliness, and insecurity.

If you have yet to check out this comedy, visit the Freeform website and binge watch episodes 1-5 of Alone Together this Valentines Day. 


5. Draw Yourself a Bath

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Taking a bath surrounded by flowers is all the rage right now. There are so many ways to take a bath to help rejuvenate and relax your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you have dried chamomile and rose petals or not, fill your tub with some hot water and soak for as long as you can. 

The LADYHOOD journey Detox Tea Bath is a great way to relax your mind and your body. The lavender essential oil mixed with the thoughtful ingredients in The Calm Tea, help relax every muscle in your body and removes any stress or anxiety.

To purchase a Detox Tea Bath in a Jar visit our SHOP page and get a night of relaxation for only $8.00.

You can enjoy this Valentines Day as a single woman when you make self-love a priority. 

Don’t let the balloons, the roses, the chocolate, and the red and pink stuffed animals with the caption “I love You” on it, ruin your February 14th. It’s a day of love and gratitude and even in our singleness we have so much to be grateful for. Call your girlfriends and let the selflovin begin.  

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