Leading Lady Tameka: the Mentor, the Educator, the Brand Creator

I would like to Introduce you to the fourth feature for the LADYHOOD journey Leading Lady Campaign, Tameka Christmas

Tameka Christmas shares how she allowed her love of women’s empowerment and community to guide her steps in becoming the leader she is.

Ta’lor: Tameka, thank you for being here and welcome. My first question to you is, how would you define Tameka Christmas?

Tameka: I am a Servant, Educator, and Lover. People are at the center of my life, and I am at my best when my surrounding are peaceful and in balance. An educator teachers and empowers people to live their best life on their own. I am not someone who tries to dictate what someone does. I want to provide resources and opportunities to them so that they can explore life on their own terms.

My heart is made of gold, and it is my most powerful asset. I am open, honest, and respectful of others and I extend myself without the need of expecting anything in return. Because of that, my love is genuine and non-judgmental. I am always looking at the best in someone.

Ta’lor: What an amazing definition Queen. You clearly have a passion for women’s empowerment. What was your motivation for founding C.R.O.W.N Mentoring, where you empower young women of color and to achieve excellence in academics, leadership, and service, through mentoring?

Tameka: CROWN mentoring started as an initial idea in 2012 when I was a mentor for a college organization and resident assistant for freshman girls throughout my four years of college. I noticed that, just like me, a lot of young girls were having a difficult time transitioning to college because it is more than academics.

“Most of our schools are academically focused; lacking the ability to allow students to understand who they are outside of accomplishments, understand their community, and find their true purpose.”

I wanted to bring a holistic learning to the girls I taught, so CROWN was birthed in 2014 to help serve as a community for young girls to build a sisterhood that is supportive of who they are and who they want to be. CROWN is a mentoring group that focus on academic development as well as personal development that allow the girls to discover layers of themselves, learn to love themselves, and learn to support and celebrate others.


Ta’lor: This is so inspiring. Do you think that your upbringing was the source for wanting to give back to young black women?

Tameka: I grew up with a group of friends. It was literally about 10 of us. When I moved to Baton Rouge, I lost a few friends that were very dear to me, not catty reasons. The move was definitely a part of that, but I truly reflect on those relationships because they taught me a lot about sisterhood and the type of people I wanted to be around.

When I started college, I grew close to five other girls and our bond is indescribable. All these relationships have taught me something about sisterhood and every one of my friendships serves a different purpose in life.

“I am committed to ensuring that my sisterhood doesn’t reflect the negative stereotypes of black sisterhood.”


Black women can be friends. Black women can be business partners. Black women can be supportive, loving, and understanding of each other, but our definition of sisterhood and what it means to be a friend definitely starts in middle school. That’s why my focus is middle school girls.

I want to allow the girls the room to grow and learn what it means to be a friend, but I also want them to learn what a healthy sisterhood looks and feels like.

Ta’lor: That is beautiful Tameka. Do you believe that young women of color need more attention when it comes to mentoring as opposed to other races? If so, why?

Tameka: I wouldn’t say they need more attention when it comes to mentoring, but I would say that young women of color need mentors. If you take advice from successful women, they will tell you they had mentors. Mentoring is so important to me because it allows you find someone who willing to invest in you and your dreams.

Ta’lor: So, I know you have other passions as the designer of my brand logo. Where did your desire to become a content designer come from?

Tameka: I fell in love with creating when I started teaching. During my second year of teaching, I had to create my lessons and class opportunities from scratch. I had a chance to create, teach, make mistakes, learn from them, and do it all over again.

But there was always an end goal: for my students to grow from within and master the content.

“I just love how creating can open endless opportunities.” 

I learned photo-shop through my brand manager for CROWN Mentoring. The purpose was for me to maintain the brand without her assistance at every step. I totally fell in love with the learning details, the pretty aspect of a brand, and the development of goal setting and strategy to build a movement and business.

Ta’lor: I am so thankful to you for making my logo come alive Tameka, and it is amazing to see your work. I wanted to feature you for this campaign because it seeks to inspire every woman to defy fear, doubt and insecurity so that they too can reach their dreams, who do you seek to inspire?

Tameka: I seek to inspire women of color, young and old; that’s my passion. I am passionate about women of color destroying glass ceilings and walking in their truth. My purpose is to educate, love, and mentor women of color in any career. Some of us have multiple ways to live out our passion and purpose. I want to vibrate higher by being a servant and maximizing all my talents and potential. However, I aim to inspire women of color.


Ta’lor: I think that what you do is so necessary and so important for the lives of young black girls. What advice can you provide women reading this who are struggling with overcoming fear, doubt and insecurity?

Tameka: My advice is simple: know who you are. Be self consumed, so that you realize your talents and inner potential.

“Know yourself. Know your value. Know your passion.” 

A woman who loves herself embodies all of that and do not feel the need to compete or feel insecure about herself. She already has everything.

Ta’lor: Thank you for this Tameka. My final question is, what is your definition of a Leading Lady?

Tameka: A Leading Lady is someone who aims to serve through love. She empowers and inspires others to walk in their purpose. She collaborates and connects with her community of sisters that is loving and supportive.

LADYHOOD journey is so thankful to Tameka Christmas for  being a light in the lives of youth as a mentor and educator. Tameka is a positive vibes only leader and I am so glad to have her as a friend, mentor, and fellow Unashamed Blogger. 

More About Tameka 

Tameka Christmas is a passionate educator and bold opportunist on a mission to show women and young girls that they can follow their wildest dreams and live life on their own terms, even if it means standing alone to do so. She works with young girls on developing self affirmations and discovering their purpose as well as create cohesive brands for creative and edgy bloggers who seek to share their story with the world.

Instagram: tamekachristmas
Twitter: tamekachristmas
Facebook: tamekachristmas (brand) tamekajohnnae’christmas (personal) 
Website: https://tamekachristmas.com

About Leading Lady Campaign 

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