Single Me

Don’t you forget your worth. It is inside of you. God gave it to you when he created you. You were designed to be more than basic.

You were made to be more than a one-night-stand for any man.

You have every tool you need to excel beyond what you see; to excel beyond what you think you truly need.

In those moments when loneliness takes over your mind, know that your worth matters more than the need to be in company. Know that you can spend the night alone and that feeling of worthlessness can be filled with God’s presence, if you allow it.

You deserve to manifest in a space filled with light and love, not space filled with bodies.

You deserve more.

More for yourself now. More for your future self. More for the college graduate who needs you now to be the best version of you. Giving in to every temptation will lead you down a path of being unmarried, with child, and starring at a degree of dreams, that you will have to put on hold.

Don’t call him…

Don’t chase him…

Don’t allow loneliness to make you fall for a man who does not love and adore you.

Be brave sis. Be you.

© 2019, Ta’lor Pinkston, LADYHOOD journey


23 thoughts on “Single Me

  1. Hello!! If anyone could take a moment to give me some advice on my blog, its for my social media marketing class and I wanted to get the perspective of others before presenting it!

      1. Any thoughts you have on the format of the site, or any products you think would be good to incorporate. Basically any feedback I’d love to hear. Im about to put up shoer jellies and sugar scrubs but anything I can do improve the overall quality of the blog is appreciated.

        I’ve been considering maybe posting step by step pictures of how I make the soap?

      2. I would never suggest doing a step by step of how you make your products because people steal ideas. Go to my contact page and email me!

  2. I appreciate the honesty! I think if we all wrote letters from our future selves we would get a refreshing perspective on the decisions we are making–good or (more likely) bad. Thinking that there is something or someone expecting more of you is so encouraging!

  3. Loved it ! Great post, you wrote an amazing letter to self! Definitely a good exercise to heal. I’ll be doing this myself later this week. I got a couple things I wanna say lol
    Any who loved it sis💕

  4. [You deserve to manifest in a space filled with light and love, not space filled with bodies.] This just made me so happy and positive and thank you for this lovely post. I guess, it’s all about time and how looking back, we’re left with experiences we’ve learnt from, even though those experiences cost a lot of mistakes. Amazing post! ♥♥

  5. I love this, and so want to make a post like this myself now. I can see why it’s be a big help in healing. Thanks so much for sharing this part of your past with us and what you learned from it!

  6. Great post! I think I could say that is the exact same thing I would tell my self when I was in College.

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