Four Twitter Chats & One Purpose

I started actively using my Twitter account in 2017 and right away, I started meeting some amazing bloggers. 

Through making connectionsand networking, it did not take long for me to come across the very first  I participated in, #UnashamedGirlTalk hosted by @TakeiaCage.

Currently this chat is not being hosted but it will be relaunching soon.

I loved this chat because it is all about feeling Unashamed and sharing positive vibes. There are so many chats out there, here are a few of my favorites:

  •  is a weekly online healing circle for people to share stories, believing we heal when we feel heard. Chats hosted every Saturday at 3PM/EST|12PM/PT|8PM/GMT w/ 
  •   focuses on empowering, educating, and engaging conversations to help uplift others. These chats are hosted on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 7PM/EST with @ITLPrograms
  • @Ambitionista is a chat created by  and is held on the first Monday of each month 8PM/EST  is “a sisterhood of dream-chasing ambitious women in our 20s+30” 
  •   is all about blogger life, expansion, and growth. Hosted by @__RebekahDenise every Sunday at 7PM/EST 

After about 3 months on Twitter, I got the courage to start my own Twitter chat and I am so excited to share the purpose, process, and how you can participate. 

#TwitterChat Purpose

The ultimate goal for this brand is to inspire college girls, women, and mothers to incorporate Self-love into every area of their lives; to focus on Healing Over Everything, and to make Women’s Empowerment a priority. 

Every Wednesday, at 8:00PM/EST I host a LADYHOOD journey Twitter Chat for women. Each chat has a different focus and asks questions that are fun, thoughtful, and can sometimes trigger emotions that require healing. I want every woman to leave my chats feeling inspired, motivated, and challenged to focus on self-love and to reflect on their lives in a more positive way.

LADYHOOD journey Topics

Each week, unless a special announcement has been given, I host a chat with one of the four topics:

  • #Mommyhoodchat (mom life, single-moms, motherhood)
  • #beautyBSchat (beauty standards, self-love, makeup addiction)
  • #AntiBodyShamingChat (body love, body positive)
  • #how2lovechat (dating, relationships, single-life, marriage) NEW CHAT TOPIC

Introducing #how2lovehchat 

For the entire month of Jan. 2018, I am hosting a 31 Day Challenge with Rebekah Denise and Julia Joy, #HealZone: Name Your Hurt, Defy Your Comfort Zone so I will only be hosting 1 Twitter Chat during this month.

The first LADYHOOD journey Twitter Chat of the New Year will be my newest chat topic: #how2lovechat where we will discuss casual sex, hookups, and one-night-stands next Wednesday, January 17th at 8PM/EST. 

How to Participate 

Every Wednesday at 8PM/EST, go to my Twitter page @ladyjourney_ or search the chat topic in the search bar to participate. There will be various prompts posted using Q1, Q2, etc. for each question.

Each prompt requires a response using A1, A2, etc. and make sure to use the hashtag for that specific chat topic. You can comment under the prompts or do a “quote tweet” to respond. (Check out the preview of responses for my #beautyBSchat below)

I am so looking forward to connecting with all of you on Jan. 17th so follow me to join in the chit chat!

Thank you to every woman and mother who has participated in my challenges in 2017. Let’s continue to rock 2018 by focussing on Self-love, Women’s Empowerment and Healing Over Everything.

Ta'lor Pinkston

Hey beautiful! I am Ta'lor Pinkston, MSW|founder of LADYHOOD journey, LLC|Women’s Inspirational Self-love|Poet|Prospective Self-love Coach|Feminist|Equality Advocate|Women’s & Family Therapist LADYHOOD journey, LLC focuses on helping college girls, mothers, and every woman to incorporate self-love into their lifestyle. The topics discussed include Women's Empowerment, Beauty Standards, Body Love, Equality, Mommyhood, and Healthy Relationships. I want women and all my readers to leave my site feeling inspired, uplifted, supported, and empowered in every stage of life. I love to spend time with my daughter, going to local bars and restaurants with family & friends, online shopping, photography, writing poetry, sipping Tea , sitting on my porch, trying new wines, and listening to music from artists like Chance the Rapper, SZA, Pentatonix, H.E.R, Alessia Cara, Sabrina Claudio, Jhene Aiko, Frank Ocean, Coldplay, and Kings of Leon.

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