Dear Toxic Men

The manipulation you possess….

Oh you must be proud.

You must look in the mirror and feel so empowered by the way you crush others.

Deceit thy middle name.

Oh, you know what you do.

Skilled indeed, as you consistently deceive with no regard.

On a pedestal you sat, moving us like chess pieces.

A thoughtful belittling.

An open embrace of never taking blame.

You only wanted your dream, not one that included ours.

Some admire people like you, for being so inspiring on the outside …

But I see the true you.

You may look confident but, big facts, you are so shriveled up on the inside.

I see your pain.

I see the hurt you possess and try to inflict on women ….

You can’t win.

You will not break us.

Thank you for revealing your truth.

We wish you well.

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