#HealZone: Name Your Hurt, Defy Your Comfort Zone – 31 Day Challenge

“Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” -Yoko Ono

When we allow ourselves to declare our pain by naming our hurt and defying our comfort zones we are journeying closer toward healing.

Holding in the pain does not heal it.” -Ta’lor Pinkston

Introducing the #HealZone

Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, #HealZone, our 31 Day Challenge, will jump off for the start of the New Year. This challenge will help you “Name Your Hurt” and “Defy Your Comfort Zone” with daily prompts designed to bring Healing Over Everything.

Each prompt will consist of different tasks including journaling, posting and sharing responses on social media, and active self-care.

Your hosts Rebekah Denise, Ta’lor Pinkston, and Julia Joy will be actively participating in this challenge with you, because we, like all of you, have areas in our lives that require healing.

We believe that by staying in our comfort zones none of us will advance personally or professionally. Let’s defy our fears, doubts, and insecurities together by focussing on transparency.

We know it is not always easy to be transparent, but as your hosts, we believe that connecting, sharing, and growing together will bring us all a little closer to healing.

“Our goal is to build a conscious and mindful community of hopeful HEALers.” -Julia Joy

What This Challenge Means To Us

Rebekah Denise



I am a Motivational Speaker and Lifestyle Blogger. The words ‘Healing’ & ‘Comfort Zone’ used to be painful to my ears because I didn’t understand how to face my pain. I was a runner for some time. I spent years hurting myself and others. I let my anger turn into bitterness. But God…

There was a time in my life where everyone who I crossed paths with felt my pain; this is one of the reasons I got back into blogging and public speaking.

Speaking openly and sharing my story through blogging has helped me grow in my journey toward healing while being transparent with others.

“I am committed to taking big leaps out of my comfort zone and I want to continue to do this with all of you.”

This challenge is for me; I’ve come far, but there’s nothing like sharing your experience so that others are inspired.

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Twitter: @__RebekahDenise

Ta’lor Pinkston

Healing from my past has been a major focus in my life since I started my blog in 2015, and transparency is saving my life.

“When I held on to my hurt, I held myself hostage from being the woman I know God has designed me to be.”

About 2 years ago, I told myself that “I will no longer allow my fear, self-doubt and insecurity to hold me back.”

I am here for this challenge. It was designed for all of us.

As a Women’s Inspirational Self-love Blogger I believe that there is no self-love without a major focus on self-care, self-reflection, and self-forgiveness, so let’s do all those things for the next 31 days.

My blog focuses on Self-love, Women’s Empowerment, and Healing Over Everything, and in the last three years, I have committed to being the best version of myself, and that begins with transparency.

I am anxious to share more of my LADYHOOD journey toward healing with all of you.

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Julia Joy

My life, like yours, is a rollercoaster. I have endured huge highs (parenting, publishing, and graduating from grad school) and deep lows (death, divorce, and disease).

My confidence in my ability to survive never wavered.

I descend from a long line of people who made survival look stress-free, all while they masked their trauma. Denying our pain limited their lives both literally and figuratively.

This is not the life I want for myself or my children. I want to break the cycle. I want to HEAL. Instead of simply surviving, I want to THRIVE.

To do so, I know I must consciously examine myself, my thoughts, my beliefs, my habits, my environment, and my relationships.

Healing is a life-long journey, not a destination. It is a winding path, leading to health, wealth, joy and deeper, more loving relationships.

This is the reason we created the #HealZone Challenge.

Yes, we can each heal alone, but what fun is that? I have hope that 2018 will be a year of great healing, loving relationships, and meaningful work.

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How do I participate?

  • Subscribe to our blogs and follow us on social media (links above)
  • Use the daily prompt in a way that you feel comfortable:
    • Tweet
    • Journal
    • Blog
    • Post a pic on Facebook and Instagram
    • Make a YouTube video
    • Talk with a Safe Supportive Friend
  • Please use the hashtag #HealZone to and tag us!

Now, let’s Heal—TOGETHER!

#HealZone Prompts 

“You become what you think about all day long” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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