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Anne-Sophie Reinhardt, Anti-diet Coach and Body Confidence Expert, wrote an amazing statement about the importance of self-love and self-confidence in her article, Love is Everything, Self-love is the Beginning

“You are exactly where you need to be at this moment in time. Exactly where you’re supposed to be to do what needs to happen in your life. That thing you’ve always wanted to do – the healing, the breaking free, the forgiving, the loving your body as she is – it can happen now.”

Back in July, I had so many doubts and fears about my future as a woman and a mother. It was so easy for me to doubt the future because everything around my relationship was crumbling; the pain was on overload as our relationship ended, I was struggling to adapt to the pressure I had to maintain some sense of normalcy for my daughter. Her father and I were no longer living together or in a relationship, and I was crushed.

I read this Anne-Sophie’s quote back in August 2017, and it has resonated with me since. It helped me see the importance of embracing who I am and all that I am. I became so passionate about the idea of me being everything that I need to be, that I declared August to be Hello Self-love Month, for me personally.

I was sick of crying myself to sleep every night, not sleeping in my bed –the bed we once shared as a couple– I was feeling low, and felt the same depressive symptoms that I felt back when I was pregnant with our daughter.

One-day, I may find the inner strength to share my intimate experiences living with a man with depression, but right now, I am working on reconnecting with Ta’lor, (me) and drowing myself in self-love. It was August that changed my entire outlook on self-love by reading that quote, and I decided to write a positive affirmation each day of that month, for me. I wanted to defy depression and I wanted to rebuild my self-confidence, self-care, and self-esteem.

Victim of Self-Doubt

In the last 4 months, I have had many moments where I feel like nothing I do is enough. I have felt like I wasn’t beautiful enough, smart enough, mature enough, and that I wasn’t a strong enough woman to be a good single-mother.

I allowed myself to become victim to self-doubt. Prior to our breakup, I spent most of my time focused on taking care of others and completely neglecting myself. Between taking care of my daughter, trying to maintain a relationship with a depressed alcoholic, continuing my education, taking care of our home, going to work, and building my brand and biz, it was not hard for me to lose myself, and I did.

Self-love is my priority

In Feb. 2018, I plan to take the next step in my self-love journey, to become an official Self-love Mentor and Coach. Self-love is a combination of self-care, self-trust, self empowerment, self-expression, and self-respect and honor, according to Christine Arylo, founder of the International Movement of Self Love in Self Love Mentorship & Coaching.

I personally have struggled with finding the time to incorporate self-love in the midst of all my responsibilities. The days seem to fly by with a toddler, work, and trying to build my blog and brand. I was draining myself which caused irritability, toxic stress, and feeling overworked and overwhelmed. In order to be sustaining, fulfilled, loved, and have healthy relationships with others; to give my best to my family, work, and friendships, I made the decision to make the time to include myself as a priority.

Hello Self-love Affirmations

In order to build myself up, inspire myself, and incorporate self-love practices into my life, I decided that I would write a positive affirmation every day throughout the month of August 2017. These affirmations started as a personal journey, but I found that the more I shared my affirmations and some that I adopted, the more my followers began to feel empowered to do the same.

Here are the 31 affirmations that I created and shared during the month of August to help build my self-confidence and self-esteem, in order to begin my self-love journey:

  1. I am stronger than I could ever dream or imagine because I am still here!

  2. I will not allow negativity to darken my light 💡

  3. I will love myself by removing toxins from my life

  4. I ignore flaws and see the beauty in things around me.

  5. My failures are my successes.

  6. I am not selfish for making time for myself today!

  7. My current situation is not my final destination.

  8. I am giving my best in all that I do.

  9. I deserve to be surrounded by those who love and support me.

  10. My best is good enough.

  11. I deserve nothing less than my self-worth.

  12. Sharing my truth is beautiful.

  13. My smile deserves to be seen, so I will laugh-out-loud today!

  14. I am beautiful with or without makeup.

  15. I am everything who God designed me to be.

  16. I am capable. I have purpose. I will succeed.

  17. I am strong! My heart can forgive.

  18. My body is beautiful now!

  19. I am bold! I am brave!

  20. My flaws are what make me beautiful.

  21. “The only approval I will ever need is mine.” – Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

  22. I am capable of defying the odds.

  23. I will not be defined by my past.

  24. I am the standard-of-beauty.

  25. I am confident. I matter. I am powerful.

  26. My fears will not keep me from greatness.

  27. I deserve to relax, to enjoy life, and to have positive vibes only.

  28. I will praise myself for every little accomplishment and every small step toward my dreams.

  29. I am a lady. I am a boss. I am a strong woman.

  30. I will embrace joy, triumph and every lesson learned.

  31. I am light! I am loved!

These affirmations are something that I continuously focus on and I have written on sticky-notes all over my home, to remind me to be grateful, to love myself, to make time for myself, and to remember my self-worth. If you are struggling to incorporate self-love into your daily routine, this is a great way to begin. Write positive affirmations in a journal, on social media, or on sticky-notes, to help you focus on the positive aspects of your life. 


5 thoughts on “Hello Self-love

  1. Hey Ta’lor!

    I’m focusing on self love this month on my blog, and I came across your self love posts as a result. It’s really inspiring to read how you’ve made self love a priority in your life and are on a mission to help other women do the same! I absolutely love all of the affirmations in this post, and I truly believe in how powerful positive affirmations can be when it comes to self love and self care. AND you’re an MSW/blogger too 🙂 So I had to say hi haha. Keep being an inspiration girl!

    Dee // http://www.morningcoffeewithdee.com

    1. Hey Deanna. Thank you so much for reading and I am so honored that you see the value in self-love. Its a beautiful journey with many bumps along the way. I really hope you enjoy and take the affirmations with you every day. Much love.

  2. Love love love it!! Beautifully written with a whole lot of emotion! I’m so happy you overcame your struggles and regained your focus which is YOU! You will be a great mentor of self love, go for it !! Good luck, and great read !

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