Be a Good Human

Stop being petty.

Stop judging others.

Stop discrimination.

Stop paying women less than men.

Stop cheating on your spouse.

Stop cyber bullying.

Stop posting memes to make fun of someone.

Stop allowing others to bully someone else.

Stop abusing children and older adults.

Stop beating your kids to the point you break skin.

Stop smoking around your kids.

Stop littering.

Stop careless waste.

Stop locking up innocent men and women.

Stop police brutality.

Stop mindless shooting.

Stop raping women, men, boys and girls.

Stop human trafficking.

Stop mass murder.

Stop terrorism.

I wrote this poem to honor all the lives that were lost in the mass murder that took place in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017, for #Blacklivesmatter, the LGBT+ community, and for National Bullying Prevention Month #YOUBULLIEDME

We all need to try a little harder to be a good human.

To every family that lost someone due to terrorist acts in Las Vegas and police brutality against African Americans, I am so sorry for your loss and for the horrific acts that continue to produce darkness over our world.

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