#YOUBULLIEDME Social Media and Journal Challenge: Part 1

#YOUBULLIEDME but I am stronger. 

Being bullied was something I never talked about. In elementary and middle school, I was bullied by my peers and girls that I considered my friends. I think I was ashamed to admit it to myself. I felt like I was weak if I said it out loud, but for me, admitting that I was bullied gave me my strength. 

I was not bullied physically, I was verbally and emotionally bullied.

I remember one of my “friends” calling me and trying to get me to say something bad about one of the girls in our group. Of course, I was unaware that the girl she was trying to pin me up against was also on the phone listening in (a classic ‘Mean Girls” move). Three-way calls were a new feature at that time (some of you may know about this), and these girls used that feature to bully and torment me.

They would tease me, spread rumors about me, and would leave me out of sleepovers and birthday parties, and yet they kept me around.

I think they enjoyed making themselves feel better by pushing me down because I was a straight A student, a social butterfly, and was more talented than they were. (ouch) I was not the kid that bragged about being smart or talented, but I was active in school and in the performing arts. I was always involved in talent shows, plays, writing short stories, performing solo’s in the choir, and always got attention from my teachers and the principal in school.

Jealousy made me a victim of bullying, but now, I am a survivor.


I decided to create this challenge, not only for my own healing, but for anyone who has experienced bullying and those who are being bullied now. You may have been bullied by your parents and siblings, external family, friends, employers, co-workers or by your significant other.

We heal stronger, together.

You may have been bullied on social media, at school, work or in your home. You may have been bullied because of your race or ethnicity; for your gender, age, religious beliefs, socioeconomic class, or your sexual orientation.


This challenge is designed to bring healing to ourselves and others, by sharing our truth in hopes of preventing the life-long challenges that can come with being bullied.

Never be afraid to admit that you were bullied. The first step toward healing and forgiveness, is admitting that it happened.

Here are days 1-15 of the Social Media and Journal Prompts. Let’s help prevent bullying and heal together. 

Share your truth. Share your story.

What to Expect: 

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  1. Awesome challenge!! Fortunately, I never had to feel the immediate effects of bullying from others to myself, but I certainly see it and report it at school. Kudos to you for this challenge and using your blog as a platform for change.

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