Suffering Mothers

My heart aches for every struggling mother…

I ache for the mom who had to put aside her dreams for her children.

For the single-mom who is sick of her daughter, watching her cry; as she goes to work, pays bills, changes dirty diapers, wipes runny noses, and cooks meals, all with no help!

…the mom who is tired and sore but still makes time to play with her kids.

I ache for the single-mother who doesn’t know how she is going to pay her rent this month…

…the new mom who is suffering with postpartum depression while breastfeeding.

For the mom raising daughter and sons alone because their baby-dad is incarcerated or dead…

I ache for the mom who feels lonely in her marriage.

…the teenage girl who is pregnant while finishing her senior year of high school.

I ache for the mother that had a miscarriage.

For the mom that struggles with a child that has a physical, mental, social, or emotional concern.

…the mom who made the decision to give her child up for adoption.

I ache for the single mother who spends so much time away from her children working, so that she can afford to pay for childcare.

For the grandmother raising her grand-babies.

…the mother whose child is behind bars.

I ache for the mother that had to bury a child.

…the pregnant mom dealing with depression.

For the mom who’s child has been hospitalized since birth.

I ache for the teen mom who felt forced to have an abortion.

…the mom that wants wants to end her life.

For the single-mom who is living in section 8 housing.

I ache for black mothers who have to worry about what could happen their children encounter the police.

…the mothers who have lost their children to police brutality. #Blacklivesmatter

For the mothers who send their kids to a public school system that cycles them into the world with limited education.

I ache for every struggling and suffering mother because I share your pain.

To every mother, you are not alone! There is support available to help you navigate through your journey as a mother and a woman. My fellow bloggers, social media groups, research papers, self-help books, counseling services that can assist you with your concerns.

If you is in need of help or you know a mother that does; you may be unsure of how to assist them… PLEASE COMMENT! I will do my best to direct you toward reliable resources and help you navigate through your journey.


26 thoughts on “Suffering Mothers

  1. words can’t describe how beautiful this post is… As mothers we do all that we can. For the single mothers we go even harder for our little ones. In a cruel world we live in we can only Empower one another and be there for each other. Beautiful Beautiful!!

    1. I thank you for saying that. We certainly do all that we can for our families. Yes fellow single Mom, we are the truth, and we have to go above and beyond to make up for what their fathers lack. It’s certainly not easy but you have a support in me sis. 💋

  2. I can relate to both. I was once a single mother. I can relate to just about every issue you have pointed and I’m happy to see you have shared that as single mothers or even married women who are mothers to know we are not alone and if we support each other, that makes a difference in the world. Knowing some cares and knowing someone who can relate to the situation we as mothers go through. Thanks for sharing.

    1. All mothers rock. We are in this together. I am a new single mother and the struggle emotionally, physically and mentally are real. I have nights when I can’t deal with the loneliness, but I am getting stronger everyday. Thank you for reading and yes, we have to support one another. 💋

      1. I was once a single mother and I completely under the struggles with the loneliness. Now that I’m married it’s better but sometimes m, you fill they don’t understand what going with you and your body.

  3. I felt the emotions behind this writing my opinion as a mother , our jobs are the hardest of them all I know I can relate to about everything that you stated. I don’t deal with every last one but a good few either I’ve gone through or currently going through. I pray, find things to help encourage me, put on my armor go out there fight against all. As a mother our job on this earth is to protect our kids best way we know how & best way we can. Most of time without help. But I pray & thank god for choosing me to be someone’s mama he obviously see something in me that I sometimes don’t. Some mothers fail, give up, not mentally strong enough to take on such big challenge & yes it is challenging, but at same time it’s rewarding, It’s a gift. Some mothers don’t really accept it, others we take that gift cherish it, appreciate it , thank god for it. We are not perfect , I don’t claim to be. I do know that I take care of mines I take in the good with the bad. I’ve struggle & til this day I’m still struggling wether its financially, emotionally, physically. I’m not where I wanna be by a long shot. Guess what?? I’m a fighter I will not let this cruel don’t give a d*** about anyone world get the best of me. Mamas have to be mentally prepared for this some of us get thru & some don’t. My heart goes out to both sides of the fence. I do apologize for writing this book on your blog. But soon as I see a topic I can relate to I can’t stop typing lol. Thank you Ta’lor. ❤️#wearesuperwoman #mamas #motherhood #bless #pray #loveeachother 😘✌🏽

    1. I sooo appreciate you sis. As a new single mother, I know the pain of many of these situations as well. We are so strong and we take on soooo much. But supporting one another is what keeps me pushing. Having a circle of fellow moms who empower, uplifting and challenge one another to never give up and continue to do our best is what matters. No apologies needed. I am so thankful for your truth and transparency because we all have been there. I am always here. Feel free to email me. I would love to connect more 💋

  4. Although I am not a mother and don’t want to become one, I can feel your passion through this piece. Especially in America, women just seem to be a second thought – especially when you have men making laws and policies that don’t concern them. Thank you for this post; I certainly hope it teaches struggling moms who need to feel understood.

  5. Thanks for your comment on my post! I agree with you here. I suppose I’ve always been tender-hearted, but motherhood has taken that to a whole new level. I think on individuals so much more tenderly now — each and every one of them someone’s baby. And I think much more seriously on the mother/child relationship. It has weight. It is raw. It forms people, sets their strengths and vulnerabilities in motion. It’s good of you to stew on that here. Well done.

    1. You speak truth lady! I have learned so much about myself and I appreciate my mother so much more because in some form, mothers compromise their lives for their children! Thank you for taking the time to connect with me. I hope this post will shine a light on a mothers heart and sacrifice.

  6. Your post made me cry. It’s from the heart and speaks volumes for any mother who has suffered. There’s much that I can relate to in your words. I wish WordPress had a “Love” button!!

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