Day 21: 21-Day-Detox 

Sunday, July 16, 2017 

It was a difficult 21-days, mainly because of my personal life. I allowed my stress to overpower my detox. I ate some things that I should not have, I definitely had a few glasses of wine, but I know that I will continue to work on being a healthier me.

After my weigh-in on Monday, I felt like such a failure. I gained 1.2 pounds, which means I didn’t lose the 5 lbs. I had planned to during the 21-day-detox.

I felt defeated because I knew that it was my fault for not succeeding. As much as I wanted to wallow in the fact that I did not complete the detox successfully,  I have decided that I will not give up. I have always struggled with handling my stress in a healthy way. This is one of the most difficult times in my life, but I refuse to stay at this low moment and let my stress overpower my health and wellness goals.


In the future, I will do the 21-day-detox again at The Camp Transformation Center, and next time, I will be successful.


  • Day 21: Breakfast
    • 3 Turkey Sausage Links
    • Fruit Salad
      • Strawberries
      • Blueberries
      • Peaches


  • Day 21: Lunch 
    • Small Chicken Salad
      • Spinach
      • Chicken Breast
      • Tomato
      • Black Olives
      • Black Pepper
      • Olive Oil and Vinegar


  • Day 21: Dinner (let’s just say that I ate crap)

Self-Love Affirmation


Learning to accept failure is a part of the journey toward success! 

Daily Gratitude Journal

Here are the five things that I am grateful for that helped me during this 21-day-detox:

  1. The Camp Transformation Center – Pittsburgh, the AFF, trainers and staff, and Charles Cook for being a motivation to continue to push through the tough times.
    • If you are considering starting the 21-day-detox or 6-week transformation at The Camp in your local city, DO IT! They will help you accomplish your goals and dreams of being a healthier you.
  2. My mother is the most amazing woman and grandmother. When things got tough, she stepped in so that I could still attend some of my workouts. She is so awesome and I cannot begin to thank her for supporting me during this detox.
  3. My daughter is such a inspiration, she is my “why” for starting this health and wellness journey. She has made me a stronger woman, and even in the midst of my weaknesses, she reminds me of my strength. I love her with all my heart and mommy will not give up.
  4. The late night talks that I had with friends and family, who offered words of encouragement and pushed me to do my best. Although, I feel like I failed, I definitely gave this detox all that I had and I appreciate them for uplifting me.
  5. God has blessed me and I am so grateful for my relationship with him and for his mercy and grace over my life. I know that my strength is from God and there is nothing that I can do without him blessing and keeping me.


Even if you fail, do not give up. No one is perfect. Do not quit. It is never too late. 

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and for reaching out. It truly means so much to me. I am so honored that I was able to help motivate you. Looking forward to checking out your blog. You’ve got a follower in me 😘😘😘😘

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