What can you do when people make you feel ugly?

We live in a very judgmental and critical world. A world that wants each of us to fit into a certain “standard of beauty.” If your body is not a certain shape, if your hair and nails are not perfect, if you contour is not just right, we skip over your pic on FB or IG as if you are not just as beautiful as the rest of the world.

It is difficult to feel beautiful in this world, and even those who we would consider to be the most beautiful, still have insecurities.

We all doubt ourselves. At times, we even try to be someone else, but what this world really needs is an overdose of self-love. Bullies need self-love and the victim of bullying needs self -love.

Learning to love yourself, your body, your face, your personality, is a journey and should be based on you, and no one else.

It is difficult not to care what others think, but when you begin to love yourself, that is when you feel your most beautiful.

I reblogged this post because the speaker provides ways to cope with feeling ugly because of others and their impact on our self-esteem, confidence, and having healthy body-image.

I hope this blog helps someone who is struggling with feeling like they are not enough.

You are enough. You are beautiful!


8 thoughts on “What can you do when people make you feel ugly?

  1. Every time I get out of the apartment I feel eyes digging holes at the back of my head for how I dress,all because I embrace myself. I live in a very liberal country with one of the best Constitutions in the world so people are free to be and dress as they wish.but obviously a lot of people still feel the need to suppress other people’s individual expressions because of the traditional African culture environment. I think we all know the usual hating on people’s features which has been talked about since like forever so I’m assuming you don’t need me to explain things those comments. I think people need to be around people who make them feel better as a person. any smart person would tell you that they look at what’s inside because even the most beautiful of people will eventually bore you if they have no personality substance. before I make this comment to long this what I want people to know. Take Care of yourself and never settle for people who don’t like you for yourself and trust me you are better off alone. get to know yourself and expand your definition of beauty and invest in being the kind of person you would like to be friends with. NEVER EXCEPT ANYONE’S CLOSED BEAUTY STANDARDS,BEAUTY HAS NO FULL STOP

    1. Agreed. This is a profound statement and thank you for sharing a bit of your experience. It is difficult for all of us to deal with the standard of beauty and trying to accept our true identity. Like to stated, don’t except anyone’s closed beauty standards….we must be ourselves by loving who we are, embracing it, and accepting that the standard is all of us.

  2. I’m not so sure I’ve mastered a way to feel good about myself when someone attacks the way I look. It doesn’t help that sometimes I don’t even know HOW I’m supposed to look.

    1. Being yourself is the only thing that matters. People are never gonna like everything about you. Its easier said than done but when we learn to love ourselves, flaws and all, confidence pushes us forward. Confidence is attractive.

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