Day 3: 21-Day-Detox

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Today’s workout was rough. I went a little too hard on Day 1 and Day 2, so now my body is really paying for it. I think I overextended my right hip, but its nothing a good stretch won’t fix. Tomorrow, is a day of rest for me, so no workout until Friday. I am looking forward to taking a long bath with Epsom Salt and relaxing my muscles for the next 24+ hours.

It is important to stay active, but it is also important to rest, and that is the plan.

Although it has only been 3 days, I feel confident that I can maintain and #ftdi (follow the damn instructions) when it comes to what I can and cannot eat.

Here is a list of things I can eat: sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, fruits and veggies (no corn, peas or white potatoes), green tea, gallon of water a day, vegan OT brown rice protein powder, nuts and seeds, grass fed beef, chicken, and turkey; seafood, and good fats (avocado oil, coconut oil, virgin olive oil).


  • Day 3: Pre workout shake
  • 2 scoops of Pea Protein
  • 3 scoops #itworks Greens blend
  • 10 oz. Spring Water

  • Day 3: Post Workout Shake

  • 2 scoops of Pea Protein powder

  • 8 oz. Almond Milk

  • 8 oz. Spring Water

  • 1 tsp. of Milled Flax Seed

  • 1 (small) Granny Smith Apple 🍏

  • 1 (medium) Banana 🍌

  • 1 tbsp. of Spicy Organic Cinnamon

  • Day 3: Lunch (broke my juice fast a little 😝)

  • Roasted Red Pepper Bisque (vegetarian) made my Chef Mike (assured no meat or white potatoes)

  • Day 3: Midday Protein Shake
  • 1 scoop of Pea Protein Powder
  • 1 tsp. of Milled Flax Seed
  • 1 Granny Smith Apple
  • 1 Banana
  • (handful) Spinach
  • 1 tbsp. of Cinnamon
  • 8 oz. Spring water
  • 8 oz. Almond Milk

  • Day 3: Dinner/Salmon Patty Salad
  • Fresh Spinach
  • Fresh Salmon
  • Red pepper flakes
  • (Fresh Squeezed) Lemon Juice
  • Milled Flax Seed
  • Sea Salt
  • 2 eggs (made seven small patties)
  • Onion

(It was so good, but next time, I am going to make guacamole dressing)

Self-love Affirmation:

“Sore body today, Strong body tomorrow.” –Anonymous Quote

Daily Gratitude Log:

Here are the 5 things I am grateful for today:

  1. My arms for completing every pushup.
  2. My legs for every squat.
  3. My feet even when I lost my balance.
  4. The burn in my body that hurts but feels good.
  5. The day of rest, I will have tomorrow.


Ta'lor Pinkston

Hey beautiful! I am Ta'lor Pinkston, MSW|founder of LADYHOOD journey, LLC|Women’s Inspirational Self-love|Poet|Prospective Self-love Coach|Feminist|Equality Advocate|Women’s & Family Therapist LADYHOOD journey, LLC focuses on helping college girls, mothers, and every woman to incorporate self-love into their lifestyle. The topics discussed include Women's Empowerment, Beauty Standards, Body Love, Equality, Mommyhood, and Healthy Relationships. I want women and all my readers to leave my site feeling inspired, uplifted, supported, and empowered in every stage of life. I love to spend time with my daughter, going to local bars and restaurants with family & friends, online shopping, photography, writing poetry, sipping Tea , sitting on my porch, trying new wines, and listening to music from artists like Chance the Rapper, SZA, Pentatonix, H.E.R, Alessia Cara, Sabrina Claudio, Jhene Aiko, Frank Ocean, Coldplay, and Kings of Leon.

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