Who Are You?

They say, don’t ask a question if you don’t want the answer. I think that we should still ask the question even if the answer may hurt us; it’s so important to ask ourselves the tough questions and stop avoiding those things that are trying and difficult. Here are a list of questions that will help you better understand who you are and who you are not:

Are you someone who gives up and quits? 

Is failure not an option for you? 

Do you try too hard? 

When someone hurts you, do you make them prove their love? 

Does your passion drive you?

Can you forgive those who hurt you? 

Would you consider yourself a innovator? 

Are you a giver or a taker?

Do you let people walk all over you?

When you love, do you love hard? 

Are you constantly giving your all to others and getting the minimal in return? 

Will you allow pettiness to define you? 

Is God at the center of you and all you do? 

Do you hide behind an image?

Are you trying to be someone yo are not?

Is beauty more important to you than self-love? 

If no one was watching would you do the right thing? 

Do you fight, flee, or freeze? 

Are you focusing on your blessings? 

Have you overcame obstacles? 

Do you learn from your mistakes? 

Are you settling for who you are or do you try to improve? 

If you were all alone would you still be able to stand?

Are you a prayer warrior? 

Does revenge make you feel better about yourself?

Is social media the center of your life? 

Will you choose love over hate? 

Are you someone who complains all the time? 

Can you open your heart to love?

Do you value equality?

Would you fight for your rights?

Do you hide in a closet of fear? 

Do you put others first? 

Is life just something you live? 

Do you advocate for others?

Does shaming others give you joy?

Are you a victim or a survivor?

© 2018 Ta’lor Pinkston, The Heart Advocate


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    1. Yes Cindy. It is so important to me to challenge us women to evaluate ourselves …. Thank you for reading. Please share with those who need it most. 💋

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