5 Greatest Things about Toddlers

Being a new mom is a journey! 💋 It is a weight gaining, energy lowering, tears shedding, and yet, a beautiful and joyful journey.

My daughter is my first and only, and at 18 months or 1.5 years old, I am realizing that this is the age I am going to miss with her; the age right before the terrible-two’s. 

Here are the 5 Greatest Things about Toddlers:

1. So polite. 

If you are raising your children to respect their elders and to be kind, they will say please and thank you for everything. It is over the top.

My daughter says “tank yous” when she is giving me something that I asked her for. Sometimes, she will give me something, and she will say “tank yous” for me and then say “you welcome.”

It is a polite overload.

2. So loving!

I know that one day, maybe not at age 2, but one day the spontaneous hugs and kisses will stop. When I ask for a kiss, my daughter will run away from me like it is a game, but sometimes when I least expect it, she will give me 100 kisses in a row and say “luva yous” and I melt…. 😍

3. So fearless!

Who dives face first into the carpet? Who closes the door behind them in a dark room? Who tries to climb over the couch to get behind the couch? Who has on mutliple occassions, while saying “hot” try to touch the stove? Toddlers!

They have some fears, but they are learning and are willing to try new things, like seeing if they can handle rolling off the bed!

4. So persistent!

Yes, being asked repeatedly if she can go “upa there” meaning, “pick me up, I want to see whatever your doing up there, I am too short.”

My child is beyond persistent, and she is curious. If she wants something she will not give up. Even when she gets frustrated, she will cry, flip out, compose herself and then try again.

She spent about 30 minutes yesterday trying to fasten the straps in her high chair, and she was not sitting in it.

5. So joyful!

Have you ever seen a child laugh while crying? That is my daughter. Toddlers fall out, cry, scream, yell, but somehow, 1 minute later, they are completely over it, smiling and laughing.

Joy is embedded in children when they are born into a healthy enviornment, and even without, a toddler can find the joy in life when adults can’t. It can be a bubble, lights, a box, or rocks (my daughter), but the joy in their eyes makes everything bad seem brighter.

Adults can’t go from laughing to crying over-and-over again. A child like joy is the best kind of joy.

Seeing my daughter smile, hearing her laugh; when she is feisty and mad, or seeing her excited with joy, makes life so magical. There is nothing like a happy childYou just have to love a toddler. 

-Pinkspen 💋


16 thoughts on “5 Greatest Things about Toddlers

  1. This is sweet! Always love your writing! Still love my empty womb though. Shadow is my womb fruit!

    I laughed when you said terrible twos. I was a particularly bad one, but I’m going to blame mom on this one lol

    She said she wanted a smart child so she decided to raise me to be curious, to ask questions, question everything. Of course, this inevitably meant I did not take any adult’s word as law.

    I was not not a bad child (mom still says I was an angel, so we’ll behaved), BUT I was not easy to control. I always needed a reason for why I was told to do something and mom hated it. Hahaha

    1. My daughter is just like that. She is the busiest child I know. Always questioning, wanting to explore and eager to learn. She loves to read…. but she is sooo feisty. She is a mess and a half lol
      Thank you for reading. Shadow is perfect for now…. 💋

      1. Shadow is perfect forever! LoL. I’m just not a fan of kids, or have fond thoughts of being a mother. I couldn’t live the life I have now.

        It’s good that she loves to read. There’s some downtime for you in that.

      2. Hahaha. Well not really since I do most of the reading, but she follows along well.

        Yes, kids do slow your life down a great deal. My dreams are still relevant though, and she is pushing me to make them come true for her and I. 💋

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