28 Reasons on my 28th birthday 

There are so many reasons for me to be grateful for the last 28 years. I have decided to focus my thoughts on positive vibes only. Expressing gratitude during the tough times is not easy. It is completely out of my comfort zone. Even though it is my birthday, my financial struggles, living situation and personal concerns are weighing me down to the point that I really do not feel like celebrating.

This year, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I will be grateful for the blessings I have and the people in my life who love and support me.

Here are my 28 Reasons why 28 years have been so amazing:

  1. My relationship with God. I cannot begin to praise and thank you enough for guiding my steps and for your grace.
  2. My daughter. For her laugh, smile and for making me a stronger woman.
  3. My mother, for her love, continuous support, and for being there as a mentor, good parent to me, and grandparent to my daughter.
  4. My father, for his love, advice, support and for being a role model, awesome father and grandfather.
  5. My younger sister, for your kind heart, your love, and for your consistent support. You are a wonderful auntie!
  6. My daughters Godmother,  you have been there as a friend and cousin; always giving her time, laughs and long talks.
  7. My aunts, uncles, all of my cousins from my mom and dads side, the memories, the laughs, hugs and love means so much!
  8. The father of my daughter, seeing him with her brings me so much joy.
  9. My best friend (she knows who she is) – you are laughs, memories, love, and light in my life.
  10. My god-sons, all three of you are amazing young boys and men, you are capable of everything you want, with God on your side.
  11. My friends (near and far). You are all so uniquely beautiful. I have a rainbow of friends and it is such a blessing. different cultures, races, genders, religions…all so beautiful, understanding, and uplifting!
  12. The Pittsburgh Black Breastfeeding Circle These women helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life, battling depression and breastfeeding was not easy, but I successfully nursed for 14 months with their support!
  13. My It Works! team of Distributors. I am new to the business and being a business woman, and I feel so welcomed, valued, supported while receiving help tightening, toning, and helping me detox and cleansing my body.
  14. My place of employment – for accepting me and taking a chance by giving me the opportunity to support my daughter after my unpaid maternity leave.
  15. My BA in Creative Writing although its rare to make money in it, I learned that if you use punctuation, you can write how you would like to. Your tone, style, should be unique.
  16. My MSW degree. The day I decided to take some social work courses for an elective during my undergrad, was the day I knew that helping women was all that I wanted to give to this world.
  17. My Strengths-Based Family Workers Credential class and classmates, for showing me the true importance of self-care.
  18. My church home. For allowing me to learn about God and experience rock climbing, cave exploring, paint ball, a zip line, high ropes courses, and for a famine where we slept in refrigerator boxes overnight, in the winter.
  19. Precious Frazier, CEO of Rock Your Reality, for her mentor-ship in building my blog and brand.
  20. “Red Red Wine”– you top off the night.
  21. For Ladies Night – the dancing, singing, laughing, bathroom talks… I love every chance I get!
  22. The #Blacklivesmatter movement – for valuing human life, for making strides in protecting black girls and boys from police brutality, and for defying discrimination
  23. The Women’s March for Peace – for placing value on protecting women and girls
  24. The LGBT+ community – for Pride week, defying gender, sexual orientation, and religious standards; we are all equal.
  25. Alessia Cara – you are the voice of this generation; you shine a light on uniqueness and ignoring popular culture.
  26. The WordPress Blogging community and my 500+ followers – you have liked, re-blogged, gave advice and kind words by commenting, and to those who have shared my posts on social media, I have grown so much!!!!
  27. My 4th grade teacher, Ms. Dase Tarpley – you were always for peace and love…we have reconnected and no matter what, you are an inspiration
  28. Youth and families – youth are the foundation of society and their families provide the foundation; build up families, build this nation.

Thank you all for the good times, for being there for me no matter what. Thank you God for allowing me to see another year and convicting me on remaining grateful and thankful in the good and bad. 

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    1. Please do I would love to read it. I think I am going to make this a tradition for me. We have to start being more grateful for what we have! Thank you for reading!!!!!

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