Everything in Moderation: the story of a thick girl

​I always wanted an hour-glass figure. It was all I could think about. I would binge exercise and go on diets for months at a time.

I spent so much time in the gym imagining how I would look with that figure. I day-dreamed that if I was shaped like a Coke bottle, I would walk the streets, like a runway, and Beyoncé all over everyone. 

But, that is not how my body is shaped. I could try wearing a bodyshaper, but why, when what I really need is to learn to love my body for whatever body-type I have.

Learning to Love my Body

I did not see the natural beauty of my body. 

I look back on pictures when I was in college and think, my body was on point, but in those moments, I was body-shaming myself by trying to be someone I am not. 

All I could think about is wanting is a flat stomachtight arms, and a firm butt.

Although, there is nothing wrong with wanting your body to look a certain way, I did not love my body for what it is. I had to learn to accept myself for who I am and embrace the body that I have.

Here are the moderate steps that I have been taking to focus on loving my body: 

  • Say five things I love about my body, every day (read my post Anti-Body Shaming)
  • When I look into the mirror, I focus on what I love about my body, not what I want to fix
  • Step away from the scale
  • Talk to friends and family about my struggles with my body image
  • Blog about my health journey 

Attaining a Healthy Body Image 

Anytime I went on a diet, it involved me and a group of my friends talking about getting snatched for the summer and needing to lose weight.

When I was in college, I had a group of friends and we decided to do Weight Watchers. We would do Hip Hop Abs by Shawn T., cardio at the gym 3-5 times a week, and drink diet Coke with Captain Morgan to not waste points

My senior year, I lived with my friend who was workout instructor on campus at the gym. I was in the best shape of my life! I faithfully took yoga and circuit classes, did cardio and my personal trainer roommate, kept me on track with healthy meals. 

Even in seeing results, my healthy habits never stayed with me because I had an unhealthy mind. 

Handling stress has always been difficult. I would almost immediately break my diet and fall into a hole of fried chicken and pasta. 

Instead of starting a diet right away, for the past 3 months, I have been spending time reducing my stress, loving myself,  and taking small steps in my weight loss journey. This has taught me my worth, that I am beautiful no matter my size, and the importance of being healthy over being fit

Everything in Moderation 

I have been reducing my stress in moderation by doing the following: 

  • Completing The 4-7-8 (Relaxing) Breathing Exercise
    • inhale for 4 seconds 
    • Hold for 7 seconds
    • Exhale for 8 seconds 
      • repeat 4x in a row/2x daily 
  • Writing my thoughts down when I am angry
  • Not taking work home
  • Spending time with the people who love, support, and motivate me
  • Being active in my self-care and self-love journey, by doing things that make me happy (taking long baths, giving myself a pedicure, dancing around my living room, blogging, and spending time with my daughter)

Here are some small steps that I have incorporated in my daily routine to develop healthier habits and to lose weight (check out my post A Healthy Mind: the story of a thick girl to read more): 

  • Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar, mixed with Spring Water, honey, and lemon, every other day
  • Doing something physical for 30 mins. 3-4 times a week
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables 
  • Taking the stairs instead of elevators and escalators 
  • Wearing layers of clothing when I clean my house to help me sweat 

By focusing on doing everything in moderation; loving my body as it is now, reducing my stress, and taking small steps towards my weight loss journey, I now see the value in taking care of my beautiful body that deserves the best.

If you are struggling with weight loss, your having a positive body image, or have no idea how to even start working out and clean eating, try adding these minor changes to your lifestyle. You will see results and it will push you to want more. 

Moderation builds healthy habits. 

17 thoughts on “Everything in Moderation: the story of a thick girl

  1. I had a stomach ulcer in high school and had a hard time keeping food down. I lost a lot of weight and started to hate food. With my friends’ help I got back on track by college.

    But the throwing up and the fear of eating because I might throw up messed up my metabolism. So when I started eating regularly, my body started preparing for another famine. I wasn’t fat or even chubby, but I wasn’t my usual figure.

    It was exercise that helped me fix that. It wasn’t easy, esp since I have like 4 heart conditions, but I’m one determined little thing so I inevitably got my way.

    I’ve been terrified of diets since the ulcer. I always think they just ruin our natural metabolism.

    1. Wow! That must have been difficult to go through. At least you came out on the positive side.

      Jumping into diets and workouts never worked for me. Consistency takes time; that is why I believe in moderation and building habits slowly.
      My journey is going well, I feel good about my body, loving my Greens that I use to detox and get my fruits abd veggies and it helps you lose weight with matcha green tea. Working out slowly but at least 3-4x a week.

      Thanks for reading Alexis, and for sharing your story.

      1. Yeah… it was pretty hard. Even now, there are some foods I can’t really eat, because they make me nauseous. The worst part is, some of them are healthy foods. Like certain fruits! The ulcer is still around, but dormant.

        I never really got into the detox thing and all that. I’ve been good with hiking and going to the gym every week. I don’t watch my diet at all, really. But I am pesco so red meat and chicken never make it into my diet. I also hate fried food, and I don’t eat a lot of dairy. But those decisions were made on taste-preference, and not so much for health.

        We all have to find a way that works for us though. Good luck to you!

      2. I wish I had the time to go hiking…i love it….when my daughter is a little older!

        Thank you so much. And the journey continues….

  2. I love this! I have always been thicker than all my friends and they simply do not understand. I have recently decided to start living a healthier lifestyle by working out and eating healthy!

    1. Well lets do this together girl!!!!! We got this!!! 💪 thank you for reading and I am glad you can relate. It always helps to have support.

    1. Yes. I am stick of doing the jump into a diet method. I am taking small steps in being physical, at least 3-4x a week for 1 hour and using It Works Wraps and Greens. If you ever need any boosters for your journey, please let me know. I am a Distributor and I would love to give you some great information.

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